1960’s Beauty Inspiration – Retro Hairstyles & Make Up Looks

Let's have a time travel, back to the 1960's, as we want to show you this decade's beauty and hairstyles inspiration that will make you look original and individual. In this post we want to share with you pretty images where we see many retro inspired looks, including gorgeous lips, bouffant hairstyles, beehives, heavy eyes, etc. Here are presented models who appear in dark gray eye-shadows, side parted and teased hair. All in all, you are about to see dramatic, classic, soft and retro looks.

Polina Kuklina looks like a real retro girl with those impressive eye lines, natural lips and long style embellished with a black headband.

Lana Del Rey inspired make-up which features heavy eyebrows and low ponytail.

Here we see Beyonce who looks pretty awesome with glamor patent lips, vintage inspired eye lines and side part.

Another beauty look which features heavy eye-brows, natural lips and pale make-up.

A timeless side part, which features wavy curls styled with cat-eye sunglasses.

Sharon Tate looks gorgeous sporting this mid length with wavy locks.

look at this impressive style, which features creative curly locks.

A bouffant

That's an impressive beehive and gorgeous make-up, which features pretty eye-brows and eye-lines.

A bouffant

light waves

Jessica Stam wearing bouffant messy look

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