20 Ways How to Wear Women’s Shorts This Spring

In today's post we are going to show you twenty ways how you can wear various styles of shorts this spring season. This piece is the most versatile and comfortable wardrobe staple, which is best for all ages and shapes for spring and summer wear, which is a real must-have. We have taken the best styles from various resort collections, so you are going to find here awesome tailored designs, casual and relaxed, long and mini, printed and colorblocked, matching and mismatched, etc. Indeed, there are numerous versions and each of them is a real stand out. What we love about the showcased items, then it's a great versatility and comfort, which makes them so special and wanted. What you need to know about the right balancing, then if the shorts are mini, then we suggest you to wear them with long sleeves tops for a classy appearance, while if they are long and elongated, like Bermudas, then keep the top cool and choose embellished styles, or light tees. Anyway, it's a great compilation, which shows you really awesome combinations, so, what are we waiting for, let's have a look:

Women's Shorts 2015 (1)

For a more formal look, such as for office wear we advice you to add blazer, or a statement outerwear, like this coat and update it with eye-catching accessories, like the darken circled sunglasses, flat shoes in patent silver color and classic handbag.

If you want a balance appearance, then we advice you to go for matching separates, like we see this greenish hued outfit styled with pale pink heeled sandals:

Women's Shorts 2015 (2)

Another matching outfit, this time it's ideal for office secretaries and business ladies:

Women's Shorts 2015 (3)

For a more casual look we advice you to go for a striped linen top tucked in a belted chambray shorts:

Women's Shorts 2015 (4)

Another semi-casual style is a chambray linen blouse with cuffed sleeves which is paired with short belted shorts in pale salmon hue:

Women's Shorts 2015 (5)

Keep it relaxed and easy by wearing exaggerated separates:

Women's Shorts 2015 (6)

Keep it mannish and try on something like a knitwear styled with tailored design:

Women's Shorts 2015 (7)

If you want modern update, then we advice you to try on theis silver hued version:

Women's Shorts 2015 (8)

The gold metallic accent can be worn in an elegant way:

Women's Shorts 2015 (9)

Women's Shorts 2015 (10)

Women's Shorts 2015 (11)

A pair of simple and classic black style is the most versatile garment to wear next spring:

Women's Shorts 2015 (12)

We love everything modern, that's why we suggest you to be focused on these separates:

Women's Shorts 2015 (13)

Women's Shorts 2015 (14)

Women's Shorts 2015 (15)

Red mini leather makes your look edgy and sophisticated:

Women's Shorts 2015 (16)

Women's Shorts 2015 (17)

Style it with your favorite, easy and comfortable footwear such as sandals, sneakers, or flats.

Women's Shorts 2015 (18)

For a more stunning appearance, invest in vibrant and bold prints like florals:

Women's Shorts 2015 (19)

How about minimal update for your formal events:

Women's Shorts 2015 (20)

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