Denim Trends For Women

Denim will always be our favorite fabric. Today we are going to share with you this season's denim trends for women, which are going to be in style for a long time. We see marvelous updates which make every woman look very unique and individual. This fabric looks more like a canvas to personalize and less of a staple. There are many interesting designs which are embellished with various studs, patches, emblems and cuts. You are about to see wide cuff, flared pants, jumpsuits and overalls, buttoned ensembles, 1990's patch trends, awesome dresses, crop tops, as well as striped versions, light colors and oversized apparel made of denim. Please note, that all the presented looks are based on factual analysis, as we have seen so many shows, lookbooks and street style images, therefore we've decided to make these combinations for your personal inspiration.

2014-2015 Denim Trends For Women (1)

First thing which comes in our minds is the wide cuffed jeans which can be paired with your everyday essentials, like khaki field jackets with patch pockets, cozy grey knitted sweaters, leather driver cap, booties, awesome backpack and aviator sunglasses.

2014-2015 Denim Trends For Women (2)

Next must have for 214-2015 season is a chambray dress, which looks simple, yet modern. You can update it with sophisticated thigh-high boots, black handbag, cotton scarf and camel coat. If you want to underline your waist, then it's essential to cinch it around ensemble's waist.

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Next piece which can make you look fantastic is called buttoned shirt-dress, which looks easy-to-wear and contemporary. You can always wear it with Converse sneakers, hand-made tote and chunky jewelry, like golden necklaces.

2014-2015 Denim Trends For Women (4)

Remember the 1990? If not, then here are most essential pieces from the 20th century. We love the patched jeans.

2014-2015 Denim Trends For Women (5)

The crop top is another must-have which looks stylish paired with white trousers, blue lens sunglasses, navy pumps and a cool clutch bag. You can always make your hair look astonishing by adding this floral crown headband.

2014-2015 Denim Trends For Women (6)

We love mixing monochrome looks with red pops of colors. Just imagine yourself wearing this denim white&black striped top worn with laser cut black skirt, crisscross strap sandals, textured tote and sunglasses in red.

2014-2015 Denim Trends For Women (7)

The light color is another awesome trend, which makes you stand out the crowd. try on a light chamrbay shirt styled with white jeans.

2014-2015 Denim Trends For Women (8)

The oversized clothes become popular and we see many fashionistas, bloggers and creative ladies in the streets wearing two size larger pullovers and jackets.

2014-2015 Denim Trends For Women (9)

The flared jeans is a hippie's and boho chics come-back. As you can see, there are numerous ways of styling these pants.

2014-2015 Denim Trends For Women (10)

It seems like the jumpsuits and overalls are becoming popular these days.

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