Hair Trends: Down Bun For Everyday

In today's compilation we want to show you this season's gorgeous hair buns and bun hairstyles which are great for a quick and easy new look for your everyday wear. Here are presented the latest trends in hair buns. Those of you who want an easy and quick update will for sure fall in love with the presented styles. Believe us, it is a perfect solution for you, as each of these memorable options can be done in a few minutes. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion and hair type. We want to share with you two versions, where the one is relaxed and looks messy, while the other one is down sock bun. The first one looks chic and casual. We love it because of laid-back appearance and loose locks. Some may say it's quite boho-chic, that's why you can wear some ethnic looks in your daily life. The second option is bold and great for those ladies who head to the beach or to a formal event. We love it for a sophisticated look and sweet update.

This one looks quite messy, right?

Wear the down bun with your everyday clothes.

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