Quilted Coats For Women

We highly recommend you not to be caught out in the cold this winter and be prepared for the snow and windy days by choosing a cozy outerwear, like quilted coat. In today's post you are going to find marvelous designs which feature oversize, straight and baggy silhouettes. This type of coat is the best winter gear, which provides real warmth and extra protection during hard frost. We have gathered amazing styles from the fashion shows which represent timeless and sophisticated looks. Wearing one of these outerwear designs you can be prepared for any weather, no matter if it snows or rains. As you can see most of the coats have a statement collars, that's why you can add an awesome scarf which will add an extra protection and will update your overall look. Anyway, let's take a closer view at these functional, modern and bright outerwear pieces to choose the most appropriate and favorite urban design.

2014-2015 Quilted Coats For Women (1)

Pale pink long version which can be teamed with your office attire, like white blouse and pencil black skirt.

2014-2015 Quilted Coats For Women (2)

White look which features a statement collar and wide sleeves. Style it with your favorite metallic silver pants.

2014-2015 Quilted Coats For Women (3)

If it's quite cold outside, then try on two layers, by wearing one black quilted patent coat and layer it with another parka style hooded version.

2014-2015 Quilted Coats For Women (4)

How about modernized Houndstooth motifs? We love this wide stripe black and gray scarf, which looks massive. This outing can be paired with your favorite semi-formal business dresses.

2014-2015 Quilted Coats For Women (5)

That's sporty, urban update which looks like a long bomber. Team it with your favorite track pants or boyfriends.

2014-2015 Quilted Coats For Women (6)

That's a marvelous business appropriate style, which can be worn with office attire.

2014-2015 Quilted Coats For Women (7)

This padded jacket is a real must have during cold morning days.

2014-2015 Quilted Coats For Women (8)

Mix plaids with Houndstooth.

2014-2015 Quilted Coats For Women (9)

Keep the things simpel and try on minimalistic outfits.

2014-2015 Quilted Coat For Women

Keep the urban spirit and wear black styles with fur sleeves.

2014-2015 Quilted Coats For Women

Another long quilted version with fur collar.

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