Short Haircuts For Oval Faces

The today's topic is short haircuts for women with oval faces. The upcoming season features amazing looks that come with funky cuts, attention grabbing styles and daring volumes. If it happened so that you have an oval face, then you can wear any hairstyle, but we want to draw your attention on these looks. No matter what's the length of your cut, you will look advantageous with layers near your cheekbones. We have gathered pixies in short versions, chin-length, shoulder-length styles and sleek sophisticated bob cuts. Some of the presented versions feature tousled, natural hair that is ideal for bob haircuts. If you have a strong chin, then make your style a bit shorter in the back. Anyway, here are some interesting images of beautiful and modernized versions that come in blond and dark brown and black colors.

Carey Mulligan looks cute with this pixie.

A messy version.

A boy style appearance for girls.

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