New Trend: Modern Grunge

Today we are going to speak about this year's news trend which is called modern grunge. This style becomes very popular and we think it's all about update which features in it's tough luxe appearance. Indeed, when you see girls wearing oversize knits, ripped skinnies, shredded tops, embellished military boots, then you think about the individuality, amazing styling and the 1990's back. Well, the 1990's comeback is a very popular time nowadays in the fashion world, that's why many recent collections feature exactly the silhouettes of that time period. We personally love grunge 1990's that come with luxe plaid shirts, whimsical chiffon dresses, vibrant red shearling coats and those rock star inspired tops.

Modern Grunge Style 6

Grunge Style

What we love mostly, is the fresh update of the grunge style, which comes with a hint to glamour. So, girls and women choose fitted grunge looks, that look street style, individual and a bit of dare to wear. We have gathered brilliant street style looks for you, which feature exactly modern grunge inspired fashion attire.

If you are still in doubt, what is modern grunge, then take a look at these images and see the brilliant styling of all the possible garments. We love those looks which feature: cool parkas teamed with silk chemise, floral print biker jackets, coveted biker boots.

Modern Grunge Style 8

Modern Grunge Style 9

So, you can go from glam grunge to bright and luxe tough grunge look, everything depends on your personal choice and will you be bold enough to wear it in your daily life. Look at those oversized knits, delicate fabrics and tough boots- looks cool and masculine enough, or go for youthful style and don't forget about yours make-up, go fresh-faced with smudgy eyes.

We hope that these effortlessly cool looks will inspire you.

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