Pink Coats For Women Which Can Inspire You

Let's talk about pink, which is the color of power, that's the color which decreases aggression and makes you love everything around you. Today, we want to share with you different ways to wear pink coats. That's already new year's must have item of outerwear, which is fun, feminine and sweet. In this compilation you are about to see various ways to wear it on the streets. Thanks to many designers this piece was brighten up, offering us pastel and neon varieties. You are about to see bright hues, retro swing coats, boyfriend silhouettes, layered looks, standout lightweight classics, polished soft-shoulder and cocoon designs. So, thanks to this collection you will know various ways how you can wear this statement and eye-catching outerwear in your daily and formal life.

2014 Pink Coats For Women (1)

Parka inspired piece, which looks great and a bit oversized, yet shaped. Model keeps things simple and wears this outerwear with a white shirtdress. You can style it with blue denim jeans, chambray shirt and statement booties.

2014 Pink Coats For Women (2)

This one comes with clean lines, cream hue, as well as with polished and professional look.

2014 Pink Coats For Women (3)

Pastel cocoon coat finished with pretty flat sandals and bright clutch bag.

2014 Pink Coats For Women (4)

If you want to be noticed in the streets, then try on this fitted look.

2014 Pink Coats For Women (5)

That's a stylish way to add a feminine touch by wearing a masculine inspired style in candy hue. You can always team it with a white t-shirt, cuffed trousers, and masculine loafers.

2014 Pink Coats For Women (6)

Here we see a pastel hue piece which features a cocoon shape style and has quite sporty look. Model appears on the catwalk wearing white socks and the same color sneakers. You can wear it with a white tee, tight skinny jeans, and simple clutch bag.

2014 Pink Coats For Women (7)

That's another sporty update, which features a bulky and cocoon silhouette. You can wear this short design during casual street walks and pair it with ripped boyfriends, reflective sunglasses and printed T-shirt.

2014 Pink Coats For Women (8)

Those ladies who want a retro touch will for sure fall in love with this vintage simple outfit. Wear it with white blouse and skinnies.

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