Military Coats For Women

This time we are going to observe this season's military coats for women, which are going to be in trend next year. It's obvious, fashion trends come and go season by season, but the military style comes back year after year. Indeed, the latest resort collections featured many interesting designs in various lengths, shapes, colors and fabrics. We see chic, modern updates, as well as retro charming basic outerwear. This outer garment will keep on living for a long period of time, as it can be styled to look glamor, punk, rock and masculine. You can pair it with skirts, trousers, denim pants, classic heels, pumps, flat sandals, etc. In other words: style combinations are numerous and come in millions of styles. Anyway, it's time to observe the must-haves of the next year:

2015 Military Coats For Women (1)

Dark navy below the knee, double-breasted belted coat with a skinny strap is styled with cuffed sandals and printed handbag.

Belted pale safari style which is updated with patch pockets will make you look terrific in your daily life:

2015 Military Coats For Women (2)

How about suede, dark blue belted coat paired with boot-cut floor-length jeans:

2015 Military Coats For Women (3)

Here we see a sailor double-breasted outerwear, which is paired with white turtleneck and printed leggings:

2015 Military Coats For Women (4)

We love this burgundy coat with cuffed sleeves:

2015 Military Coats For Women (5)

Model appears in exaggerated pale orange belted outerwear:

2015 Military Coats For Women (6)

An oversized dark blue below-the-knee style looks awesome with white shirt and the same color sandals:

2015 Military Coats For Women (7)

Pale violet belted trench looks masculine and versatile:

2015 Military Coats For Women (8)

The black outer garment will always be in style, that's why it's a profitable investment:

2015 Military Coats For Women (9)

Dark caramel belted trench with cuffed sleeves looks pretty with cuffed floral jeans and sandal booties:

2015 Military Coats For Women (10)

That's a real military trench embellished at the waist with a skinny violet belt. We love these patch pockets:

2015 Military Coats For Women (11)

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