Tailored Vests For Women

Today we want to talk about women tailored vests to try on this year. Stylish vests are an easy way to work a layered look and making you look fabulous and more formal. We have looked through various fashion designer brands lookbooks and runways that's why we want to share with you our personal favorites of stylish vests, what will update your new season look. You are going to see lightweight tailored essentials, elongated designs, fringed ones, double-breasted versions and pretty waistcoats. The time has already passed when it was obligate to wear waistcoats only with your suits. Today, we see women who have truly made the vest their own, wearing it with everything from dresses to casual tees and blouses. The following collection consists of versatile designs that are sophisticated and ideal for wearing with casual and dressy looks. We are sure, all these garments will for sure make you look individual.

2015 Tailored Vests For Women (1)

2015 Tailored Vests For Women (2)

Biryukov offers a tailored elongated look that comes in a rich blue color. Try it on with your favorite maxi floral gown for a casually cool look.
2015 Tailored Vests For Women (3)

Brunello Cucinelli offers a relaxed tailored white version. It has a timeless design and makes a versatile addition to any wardrobe. If you want to combine casual and formal style, then try on this white vest with relaxed, glossy brownish, cuffed pants and flat slippers.
2015 Tailored Vests For Women (4)

Here we see a mannish double-breasted update that ideally looks with white top and bronze, glossy maxi skirt and cool runner shoes. That's what we call modern creativity.
2015 Tailored Vests For Women (5)

Katty Xiomar offers a retro inspired black essential. It works ideal with casual and smart-casual outfit. You can try on Peter Pan collared shirt and printed relaxed trousers.
2015 Tailored Vests For Women (6)

Fashion brand WORLD delivers a mannish look. Here we see model who appears in a white shirt worn underneath tailored waistcoat.

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