4 Must Have Winter Accessories For Women

Let's talk about Winter accessories for women. It's no secret, in the wintertime we tend to think more about our clothes, layering techniques rather than about accessories and getting accessorized. Well, trust me, accessories can be both practical and stylish, that's why I am going to tell you more about this year's winter must-have accessories, including winter scarves 2019, over the knee socks, elbow length gloves, and cheeky knit beanies. Are you ready to find out more?

Winter Scarves

The oversized printed scarves made of wool are also a big YES this season. Just make sure to wear the one with some colors that match the rest of your look. I do love this year's trendy design: a puffer scarf. It's an IT-item. Go for a metallic puffy scarf and team it with your favorite leather jacket or classic dark color wool coat. The puffy scarf is warm and cool at the same time, so you better give it a try!

Over The Knee Socks

Why do I love them so much? They are ideal for cold winter days and places with mild winters. You can wear them with skirts and dresses, as well as over skinny jeans or tights completed with cool boots. They can be layered over leggings completed with booties, peeking out the top of the knee boots.

Elbow Length Gloves

If you do wear short sleeve coats, sleeveless leather jackets, ponchos, then you definitely need a pair of elbow length gloves. This accessory will keep your hands and arms cozy. You can find knitted or leather styles, they both look awesome. By the way, I do love to see these gloves with bracelet length coats.

Cheeky Knit Beanies

Fight this winter's chills in a cute knitted beanie. Today's fashion offers stylish pieces completed with pom-poms, veils, fringes, etc. All these beanies can be styled with sweaters and jeans, dresses and skirts. What I love the most about it: versatility. You are free to wear it both with casual and dressy looks.

Image Source: onlywardrobe.com

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