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Are Overalls Still In Style This 2018

If you think overalls is already fashion history, then you are not right, darling. In this blog post I am about to show you great overall outfit ideas to try in 2018. Most people think overalls are synonymous with hot summer days and festivals, but these onesies can be used during Fall and Spring season time.

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Hearts On Clothes For Valentine’s Day

How to make your Valentine's Day very special this 2018 year? Today's story is dedicated to my favorite outfits that are complemented with lovely hearts print. This might be the most romantic day of the year, that's why it's important to make it very special. Cherish your love and celebrate it with your man. How to make things look festive? Well, as we all know, hearts are the symbol of love, that's why you can choose a beautiful heart printed outfit to make things look fresh, bright and chic. Anyway, let's have a detailed look, shall we?

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All The Best Bodysuits Outfit Ideas To Copy Now

Let's talk about something cool and feminine- BODYSUITS. In this post, I am going to show you my favorite outfit ideas you can easily create with this functional one-piece garment. It's no wonder why this awesome clothing staple is making a comeback this year, it's functional, easy to wear and extremely versatile. In other words saying, this is a safe choice for women who want to look their best and feel confident. It's like wearing a one-piece swimsuit on the streets, but you better cover it with some jeans, pants, skirt, and top. Anyway, let's have a more detailed look through these street style images.

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With What To Wear Women’s Moccasins – Polyvore Combinations

Let's talk about sweet women's flat shoes that are real must haves for relaxing and comfort wear. It's no secret, that nowadays flats are becoming popular. Many brands and designers tend to offer more masculine inspired clothing. Today, we want to share with you this year's eye-catching design that will not only make your walks more comfy, as well as convert you into trendy person. How about sheepskin moccasins for cold days? We would like to share with you some of the best designs, that will make your feet feel comfort, warmth and look timelessly elegant. There are lots of interesting offerings, like traditional leather-sole styles (slippers) made of sheepskin with fur inside, that can be worn in summer as well as in winter time, but these ones are meant for home wearing only.

Women's Moccasins (3)

How about wearing fur lined moccasins with your favorite checked turquoise shirt, light blue jeans, brown biker jacket and circled sunglasses with light blue lenses.

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With What To Wear Open Back Pumps

How about slingback pumps? This chic footwear makes any woman not only look chic and stylish, but also makes her feel comfort and improves her moves. These shoes are great for any day of the week, that's why it's up to you which heel height you will choose. That's a very comfortable type of shoes, so that it's very important and essential to find the ones that are comfortable and make your moves smooth and confident. These designs will fit any occasion, starting from work to different festivals and special events. There are known many styles that feature pointed or rounded toes, that's why you can style them with anything you want: skirts, dresses, shorts, pants, etc. Here are presented the most favorite shoes that were chosen by many stylists around the world:

Open Back Pumps - Polyvore Combination Ideas (1)

Try them on with your favorite A-line leather skirt, checked monochrome cardigan, black tee and classic bag.

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Men’s Hipster Clothing Combination Ideas

Today we are going to speak about hipster clothing for men, that's why we advice you to look carefully at these images, as you are going to see latest trends that are so must have this year. Which clothes are going to rock the show the next season, which styles are the best for men and what you should wear now all that can be found below. It's quite essential for guys appear in vintage dress clothing, that's why true hipsters wear original and individual wear. We love vintage pieces like leather jackets teamed with plaid shirts. This combination makes you really stand out from the crowd. Do not forget to pair your top and outerwear with skinnies or baggy style pants for a perfect look.

Men's Hipster Clothing Combination Ideas (1)

Keep your look elegant and try on a navy blazer, khaki green chinos, brown brogues and statement khaki backpack for all your working accessories.

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Pointed-Toe Flats – Street Style Looks and Polyvore Collages

Here are presented ideas and styles of the possible pointed-toe looks that can be worn by you in your daily and evening life. You are about to see beautiful styling options where the flats peek out from the hem of wide-leg pants, or teamed with printed dresses. The ways of wearing pointy toe are countless, as we see cool animal print designs that are worn with black jeggings and oversized knit sweater for a cool street style look, as well as feminine options that feature pointed toe ballet shoes styled with sleeveless tops and ruffled floral skirts, while you can always go timeless classic and wear simple black ones to the office with sleek tailoring or on the weekends with boyfriend jeans.

Pointed-Toe Flats - Street Style Looks and Polyvore Collages (1)

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How to Wear Pointed-Toe Shoes For Women With Big Feet

Hi there, our dear readers! We would like to share with you some street style images that feature this year's shoe trend, called: pointed-toe shoes. No matter if they feature a high or low heel, as well as flats, you can rock with them at any event or party. This trend will go with pretty much everything, starting from power pantsuits to baggy boyfriends and cool tees, that's why these are good news for all of you. While, we are going to share with you information that is really helpful for those ladies who have big feet. Some say, that having giant feet is useless to wear pointed-toes, well, not anymore, as we have got for you these cool and stylish ideas that will make you stand out the crowd in a good meaning. Wear the shoes with wide-legged pants (from tailored and formal to casual and jeans), maxi-skirts and maxi dresses, flared pants for an ultra stylish look. Here are some street-style ideas that will for sure be helpful for all of you!

Pointed-Toe Shoes For Women With Big Feet - Street Style Looks (1)

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How To Wear Moccasins – Women’s Street Style and Combinations

The women's moccasins can match any outfit, that's why we have decided to share with you these pretty options that will suit your fantastic skinnies, cool khaki relaxed pants, as well as skirts and suit pants. There are known so many variations of cool designs, starting from the color choice, that are so vivid and creative, including bold orange, yellow and red. If you want a fresh casual style then we advice to go for the ones that will complete plaid skirts and comfy trousers, while those ladies who want to stay glamor then we advice to choose the ones in brown, tan, black or gray and wear them with skinny jeans and leggings. If you want something daring, then why don't you try on eye-catching patterns that will for sure suit adorable flats and your overall appearance.

How To Wear Moccasins - Women's Street Style and Combinations (1)
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