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Shearling and Fur Coats

Here below you will find some eye-catching models of shearling coats which are so on trend this cold season. You are about to see marvelous and luxe styles that will make you look chic, elegant and glamor at the same time. All the presented looks are statement, feminine and timeless. The first design is Isabel Marat navy and black shearling coat which looks edgy and is a real universal cover up. You can style it with leather pants and striking studded top or you can go on the contrary, by wearing it with white blouse and tailored pants suited for office work. Just imagine yourself in this elegant outerwear, yes, you are looking like a real disco queen.

Shearling and Fur Coats 2013-2014

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Oversized Coats For Women

This Autumn-Winter season lots of brands and designers offer us wild and free designs of coats and jackets. Well, as for me, the only thing while choosing an appropriate coat for wearing it during winter cold days is to style up everything. Just imagine an average coat styled with a pair of hot boots and a cool bag, this look will make every lady follow you. Today, I am going to share with you some bright ideas and designs of oversize coats. No matter if these coats are made of fur, knits or other fabrics, the fashion offers lots of beautiful style variations. Indeed, the upcoming season is going to be a cold one, that’s why the oversize coat with large shoulders, right above the knee length is a big thing.

Oversize Coats for 2013-2014 For Women (1)
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Fur and Shearling Coat Styles For Women

Any woman dreams about fashionable fur clothing which will save her from cold and make her look gorgeous. Fur clothing is clothing which is made of furry animal hides and it is considered to be a luxurious material. Today we are going to speak about fur and shearling coats which are in trend this season.

Fluffy fur coats are still on the peak of their popularity, that’s why most designers offer fox, raccoon, lama coats, yet models which are made of lightweight knitted fur coats are also in trend. You are about to experience cool and statement layers that will safe you from the freezing colds and windy weather.

Classic fur coats 2013-2014 (1)

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Long Coats for Women

Today I’d like to share with you some bright styles and designs of women’s long coats. The upcoming season offers us plenty of floor-length trench coats and maxi coats. Yes, lots of women dislike floor length for its impracticality, that’s why many brands offer us ankle length outerwear (kind of compromise). It's no doubt, wearing a long outerwear will make you look original, sophisticated and feminine. We have gathered the most popular looks that are going to be in trend this season, that's why we advice you to look carefully and select the ones that you find amazing. New season comes with black, beige, bright-gray, animal print and mustard colors. Long coat is not only timeless classics but it symbolizes elegance and nobleness.

Long Coats for Women (1)
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How and with what to style your maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are quite bright by their own, yet if you would like to add some accessories, then please keep in your mind that over-accessorized look is a terrible look. I advise you to wear only one accessory, like bracelet, necklace or stylish earrings. Some of fashionistas style it with a cool belt. If its cold outside, then try to pull on warm cardigan or cropped leather jacket. If we speak about shoes, then it can be sandals, gladiators, espadrilles. If you are petite woman, then try on high wedges or high heel sandals. We personally admire all those floor-length clothing sets that make you look powerful and statement.

How and with what to style your maxi dresses (11)

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Maxi Dresses

A maxi dress is a long gown which is worn by women. Stylists have counted up to hundreds of different maxi dresses designs. There are tartan, polka dot, striped, bold color dresses, well as you already dig it, there are plenty of maxi gowns styles and variations. Mostly these dresses come in stretchy fabrics, so it’s common, that pregnant women use them as maternity dresses. Anyway, let’s take a look which of maxi dresses will be in trend this season. For this summer many designers and labels offered different styles, starting from casual, sport to beach and evening styles. Long dresses never go out of fashion, as long as weather allows wearing it. I’d say it’s kind of femininity impersonation.

Maxi Dresses 2013-2014  (1)

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