Bags with Floral Appliqués

Today we are going to share with you some outstanding bags that feature floral appliqués. You are about to see here standout pieces that will complement any outfit, no matter if it's casual or formal. We personally felt in love with Prada creations, that feature naive flowers, as well as satin appliqué baskets, trimmed with fur and leather clutches. Every creation wins an it-bag status.

Anyway, there are countless other brands that use East inspired techniques to offer Oriental cherry prints, daisies, Hybiscus designs that are inspired by Andy Warhol works.

Bags with Floral Appliqués (1)

If you feel, that you are one of those who can easily wear these creations, then we advice you to look for 1960's inspired looks to get the right image of the possible clothing ways. There are pop-art designs that look pretty teamed with short A-line dresses, or kimono shape garments. There are modern styles that come with tulip prints that will accent any dress or suit.

If you want to look feminine, then why don't you try some pink color bags that will look sweet with your dark outfit. Some girls like to look like a real disco divas and choose delicious dark and wild designs with fox furs and old petals details, some love mini styles packs that are covered with tropical flowers, while we are in love with totes that feature these cute accents, as well as fully bloomed flowers that are hand-made. Indeed, we are fans of spacious bags that can carry everything you want. Anyway, we hope these images have already inspired you to buy a new floral accessory for yourself.

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