Beach Dresses For Summer

Well, like it or not, but you have to face it, everybody loves the beach. You too can look fabulous and fashion forward, while you need something cool, statement and fashionable, like a summer, beach dress that will update your look immediately. So, you have to buy a variety of great beach gowns that are comfortable, cool, festive and fun. We have gathered all the best sundresses and gowns that are super comfortable and come in various lengths, including floor length to above-the-knee styles. This year is all about different shapes and silhouettes, that feature strapless, smock tops and halter tops, while all these models can be styled with your summer swimsuit cover-up. We highly recommend you to discover this compilation of fun, flowing and free-spirited beach must-haves.

Beach Dresses For Summer 2014  (1)

That's a pretty navy style two strap dress, while the other one is sleeveless.

Beach Dresses For Summer 2014  (2)

If you are feeling festive, then try on this halter neck ensemble wrapped with a cool belt or this perfect cinched at the waist color style.

Beach Dresses For Summer 2014  (3)

Feeling kind of retro, then try on this V-neck gown with a pleated skirt, or the other one which looks quite boho-chic to us.

Beach Dresses For Summer 2014  (4)

From the left: a hippie inspired style, an evening V-neck navy ensemble cinched at the waist, navy style white and black striped ensemble.

Beach Dresses For Summer 2014  (5)

All of them are perfect for those ladies who prefer a lounge beach style.

Beach Dresses For Summer 2014  (6)

How about some vibrancy while we have sunny days?

Beach Dresses For Summer 2014  (7)

All these beach ensembles come in a hippie-vintage appearance, don't you think so?

Beach Dresses For Summer 2014  (8)

Beach Dresses For Summer 2014  (9)

Let the bright colors in your summer 2014 by wearing one of these long and belted gowns.

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