Beauty Tips for Getting a Layered Bob Haircut

You might think that making a layered bob is quite an easy thing, while we know, many of you are in doubt, either make it layered short or medium length. Indeed, the decision might be very hard, that's why we have gathered some tips for you that will help to make the right choice. First of all, think it over, look in the mirror, make some snaps with your iPhone, then look in some magazines, while the easiest way is simply take a closer view at the showcased samples in this post. Try to find the ones that come with the same face shape as yours (that will help to visualize the cut). When you have chosen three or four possible cut variations you may head to your hairdresser and ask him/her which one might be better for you and do not forget to show the pictures that you liked.

Keep in mind one thing, if the new look will disappoint you at first glance, it might be only because you are not used to it. After few day we advice you to take images all around of your new haircut, as it will make much easier for your hairstylist to replicate it next time.

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