Best Hipster Accessories for Men

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Here are some accessories tips for men who want to look like a real hipsters, that's why keep your eyes wide open and make some notes. Hipsters look very trendy and it's no secret that many stylists follow their fashion dictations, that's why we see so many iconic choices that were first seen in hipster fashion. The accessories are really practical and ready to be worn. In this compilation you are going to see statement eyewear, headwear, footwear and cool bags that are real must haves for men and boys. So, we think it's the right time to get started and see everything by yourself. Why don't you try wide/medium framed nerd glasses with thick rims, or you can try on Ray-Ban Wayfarer, if you want something simple, then try on dark sunglasses.

We personally find incomplete hipster look if it doesn't features wayfarer glasses, that's why pick out some style which really suits you. We advice you to try the design which features thick frames, black rims, which is quite retro inspired.

If we speak about headwear designs, then the best choices are trilby hats, simple beanies, that look Johnny Depp style or newsboy caps, fedora felt hats and flat caps. While, if you are on your way for school or job, then you should think of your bag: we have some cool images of courier/messenger bags, old worn out leather bags, sling shoulder bags. Everything depends on your personal style and choice. And the last thing is your shoes. If you really want to make a real statement appearance, then try one of these shoes, like Converse, flat-soled shoes, cool sneakers.

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  1. Designer Menswear says:

    Love the ray bans and the satchels! Kind of like the bow tie in the first pic too although I doubt I’d personally be able to pull it off!

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