Best women’s haircuts for a long face

Today we are going to share with you dear girls and women the best haircuts for long faces, so check them out. If your face is long, then the best solution is to try flattering styles as they add width to your face. Today's fashion world features many beautiful and cool haircuts and we'd like to draw your attention on these haircuts and styles. The texture is very important (keep in mind that for long faces the one-length cut straight hair is the worst choice so far), so keep your eyes wide one on the cuts that will flatter your face shape. Here are presented some of the well known celebrities who have long faces, so you can always get inspired by them.

Best women's haircuts for a long face 4

Best women's haircuts for a long face 1

Best women's haircuts for a long face 2

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley opens new 'Marks and Spencer' - Paris

MTV Studios, Times Square

If you want to make a short haircuts for your long face, then we advise you very short ones and long versions of short styles like messy pixie hairstyles, we like when women leave the sides a bit long. Keep in mind not adding too much volume and height, simply go for texture with layering. Another short cut is the chin-length bob hairstyle, which is one of the trendiest these years. Bangs are very important when we speak about the best women's hairstyles for long faces, we advise you to try blunt bangs, they look charming. Some women and girls like lob style, it's the long bob that goes a bit under the chin, but not to the shoulder. If you are afraid of short haircuts, then try long hairstyles for your long face. If you have straight hair, then the best choice is to pull it in a low ponytail or make side swept, or simply go for soft waves or big curls.

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