Boho Chic Style Inspirations & Outfit Ideas

Let's talk about Chic, Boho Chic! Today we want to share with all of you this great compialtion of possible women's outfit ideas that will make you look vintage and timeless, yet bold and statement at the same time. That's a unique style which makes women and girls look bohemian and hippie inspired, so, it means that you can look both individual and natural. If we speak about the color of possible clothing, then keep in mind that it should be in earth tones, tribal prints with some folkloric vibes, therefore there may be some splashes of colors like green, orange, etc. Most girls wear flowy and airy style clothes, while stay away from baggy looks.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (1)

Here we see model wearing a cool fedora hat styled with buttoned vest-like shirt, slim pants and fringed boots. We love that statement, long necklace.

The shoes should be comfortable and classy, so, keep your eyes on sandals, boots and some fun accented ones, that look cute and chic. While the hair should be a bit curvy at the bottom, instead of glamor straight or emo inspired, so make it natural, you can even add braids that will ad some tribal look. Try to mix and match military styles with rock, ethnic, vintage and hippie. While the accessories should be bold, opulent, rich and statement, that's why choose bracelets, mix-and-match style necklaces and statement earrings, then use headbands, barrettes, belts, clips , etc, in other words, just make it noticeable. The make-up should be natural, as well. Here below are presented some beautiful and inspirational tips that will make you look youthful and creative.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (1)

You can even look a bit boyish and wear gray loose-fit sweater teamed with jeans, sneakers and cool animal print bag. Love that hair bun which makes this girl look timeless.

Another style can be the following: a cool tomboy style cap worn with striped tee embellished with ethnic details and tribal necklaces.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (2)

How about floral ethnic print on the dress to make your appearance eye-catchy, plus you can always embellish your head with a cute headband.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (3)

That's a statement poncho top in tribal print worn with velvet dark red dress. We love the way model wears those hand bracelets made of leather. Plus those knee-high socks make this outfit look sophisticated.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (4)

Here we see girl wearing a long blazer embellished with ethnic prints styled with gray loose-fit tee and leather-alike slim pants tucked inside flat booties.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (5)

That's an impressive leather wide brim hat which is worn with loose fit ethnic print blouse and precious metal bracelet and rings.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (6)

A flared blouse styled with wide leg denim trousers for an uber-hippie look. We love those vintage sunglasses, wooden necklace and mix-and-match style hand bracelets.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (7)

The ethnic floral top is teamed with leopard spot collarless coat.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (8)

This brown suede dress remind us of a school uniform ensemble.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (9)

That's a wow effect look: printed, fitted top tucked inside leather mini flared skirt.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (10)

How about adding some grunge details into your daily outfit, like these low heel black leather embellished booties, worn with sunflower and Aztec print dress and denim vest.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (11)

Here we see a statement neck-piece and circular sunglasses

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (12)

A cool headband which embellishes the hair top knot, long black sweater and burgundy skinny pants.

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (13)

A vintage tee with The Beatles print tucked inside long skirt in floral print, look at these pretty flat sandals, wow!

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (14)

A long sleeve poncho coat looks great!

Boho Chic Style For Festivals (15)

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