Boyish Short Haircuts For Women

It seems like fashion for short haircuts is coming back and this year is going to be one of the most popular for those ladies who wear exactly this style. Anyway, there are options that will make you look timeless chic and today we are going to observe them. The boyish appearance makes you look youthful, self confident, sophisticated and attractive, that's why many ladies started to wear exactly short hairstyles. You are about to see here charming graduated bob cuts that are voluminous enough to make you look bold and alluring, just look at these samples and you will see those layers at the sides and back which create enough volume to make your overall appearance look awesome; pixie cuts with messy sides, with jagged bangs, with long bangs which can be either long, straight or asymmetrical; sleek bobs, etc.

From the left: A messy wavy pixie look and punk inspired with shaved sides.

These two haircuts look impressive, creative and bold.

Torn bangs and side part slicked look

Those ladies who want to standout the crowd may try on slicked or raised pixie.

How about a Tomboy look?

You can look either preppy, or lazy.

How about styling your new appearance with oversize sunglasses.

A boyish hippie style.

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