Braided Ponytail Ideas – Best Hairstyles For Women

Today we want to share with you some brilliant looks that feature braided ponytails. This trend is very popular in Europe for already several years. There are numerous variations of how you can make your hair look awesome. Some like to wear French braids, fishtails etc. What we want to underline, then it's braided ponytail, which can be done in different styles: tightly braided (this option is suitable only for women with thick hair) and easy, careless weaving. You can make such an outstanding look in only five minutes. We hope you already noticed, that this appearance looks alike from Aladdin cartoon movie, where princess Jasmine was wearing exactly the same look. We love the way it is embellished down with rubber bands along the entire length, so that it looks like a braid.

You have to keep in mind, that this kind of style will suit only those women who have long or mid hair length. How to do: make a high ponytail, brush it, there should be around 10-15 cm distance from each rubber band.

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