Casual Long Down Coats For Women

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Are you ready for cold? You should be prepared for harsh conditions which are going to happen this winter season. Down jackets and coats are available in various colors, styles and lengths. Today we are going to share with you extra warmth and protective designs. We can divide this outerwear in two types, where the first one comes in synthetic and the other one is made of down feathers. Both types give the same extra warmth and keep the body warm. As we have already mentioned, these outings come in many styles, from short to waist-length and knee length (bombers and parkas), we are going to show you long versions. These outerwear staples are ideal for winter weekends, vacations and trips. Nowadays many designers offer us numerous trends, starting from motorcycle to grunge and sports. We advice you to discover a variety of awesome women's down jackets, as we give you a great compilation of these statement looks.

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A long version with a fur collar.

Black long style:

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Mid length hooded version:

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Double-breasted trench coat inspired:

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Another knee-length style:

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A patent belted style:

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Hooded parka inspired:

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5 Responses to “Casual Long Down Coats For Women”

  1. Tara Colella says:

    I am interested in purchasing three of the jackets displayed on this website.
    They are all long downfeath jackets.
    How can I find out how/where to purchase these?
    The first jacket: cream down long (A long version with a fur collar.)
    Both black long down jackets (

    Thank you.

  2. Sherry says:

    I am intersted in purchasing the second long jacket from the top, right under the cream jacket. Where can I purchase it?


    908 451 0352

  3. Steinbach says:

    Dear Sirs,

    please let me know the shop for:
    coat Black long style as you have published.

    With Kind regards,


  4. mary detuerk says:

    Where can I buy the long, black down coats, please?

  5. james says:

    these all look like very nice down coats – my favourites would be the Malvin one and the last one – what brand is the last one and where can you get it. thanks

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