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“Wall Street” Men’s Style: Gordon Gekko

If it happened so, that you are a stockbroker working in a huge or a small company, who's in charge of arranging transactions between buyers and sellers, then you better look and dress professionally. Well, we think every firm has a dress-code, which is usually quite a formal look, but we recommend you to wear only those outfits, which really make you feel comfortable, as it's very important to concentrate on work while you are trading online. Anyway, we want to show you the best looks inspired by “Wall Street” movie and Gordon Gekko - ruthless and greedy corporate raider. Gekko's style is very masculine, elegant and classy. We really love his outfits, which make him look rich and powerful. Indeed, wearing these awesome clothing sets he made a young and impatient stockbroker to respect and fear him. Here are shown Polyvore combinations which for sure will inspire you:

Wall Street Men's Style - Gordon Gekko (1)

Here we see wool, black pleated trousers styled with classic brogues and blue, contrast white collar shirt worn with elasticated suspenders. Love the following zig-zag print tie.

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Formal Style For Bald Man with Beard

In today's post we are going to share with you formal style attire for bald men with beard. When a man becomes bald, the majority of them start to grow a beard. Well, you might think it's because they want somewhere to have a hair grown, but in real life, men start to grow a beard only because it fits their new look, by making people to concentrate on their chin instead of their heads.

So, we have searched for stylish bald men with beard who wear formal style clothing in their daily lives and here is result. You can either look business-like, retro, draper-inspired or smart-casual. Everything depends on your personal taste.

Formal Style For Bald Man with Beard (1)

The man appears in a slim fit formal suit, printed shirt, bow-tie, black brogues and optical rounded frame glasses.

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The Wolf of Wall Street Men’s Style

My name is Jordan Belfort...Today we want to share with you fashion tips of how to achieve the look of Jordan Ross Belfort, who is an American motivational speaker and former stockbroker. We have been inspired by the biographical movie The Wolf of Wall Street, which was based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stock-broker, that's why you are going to see lots of screen shots where Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Jordan Belfort, appears in classic outfits, including business pantsuits, relaxed everyday separates, tuxedos for special events, and everyday suit outfits. If you are looking for stock market appropriate outfits for your working days at big companies, then here are collected the most functional and easy-to-wear looks. That's why we advice you to take a closer look at these awesome Polyvore combinations:

The Wolf of Wall Street Men's Style (1)

Here we see some essential basics for your ideal workday, which include wool black pantsuit, slim fit white button-down, striped tie, black pointed lace up shoes and elegant gold watch.

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Casual Style For Bald Man with Beard

In today's article we are going to speak about casual style clothes for bald men with beard. You are about to see some great fashion tips which will definitely help you constructing your own everyday wardrobe. We think everyone knows, that baldness doesn't suits everyone, that's why it's very common to grow a beard, mustaches or make the chin unshaved and keep such look by grooming it with special electric razor. Anyway, here are presented the most essential and original styles, which are both attractive and functional. As you can see from the images below, there are very interesting options which you can try out this season. Keep attention to the fit and colors combinations, so you don't look too bright or dark. Anyway, let's get inspired by the following Polyvore combinations:

Casual Style For Bald Man with Beard (1)

The first image shows us a man with unshaved chin who sports a striped top, classy blazer, tailored pants, gold watches and leopard print sneakers.

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How to look fabulous if you are bald man

If it happened so, that you are going bald, then it might feel like you are heading on something unknown, but in the end, nothing has changed, as you are still the same cool guy, who lives his life and is still happy and full of energy. Well, there might be some questions which might ask balding guy: Do girls find bald guys attractive? Should I totally shave my head or can I leave some hair around? How should I dress to look fabulous? We will briefly answer the first two questions: Most of girls do not think about the hair of the man, but they do think about the guys manners, how he talks, what he says and how fitted is his body. Regarding the shaving your head, well it depends, how much hair have you already lost, as you can make the same styling as Jude Law does, but if see that the back and the front sides are too "shiny", then we recommend you to totally shave your head. So, we have finally approached to our main question: how to look fabulous if you are bald man. Here are the best tips for you:

bald man style (1)

How about wearing smart-casual style clothes, which will underline your uniqueness and individuality. Try on a black blazer, cool jeans, ivory white shirt, creative tie and suede shoes. If you think that your scull structure is not looking great, then we advice you to try wearing black plastic frames, which will make you look more elegant and sophisticated.

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Men’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Style Clothing

Today's topic is men's rock and roll style clothing and possible apparel combination ideas which will help you to look fabulous, edgy and masculine. In the past rockers were dressing in clothes which was accessible and common, like skinnies, slim fit jeans, leather jackets, while nowadays, there are some exclusive prints, details and colors which can underline your uniqueness. No matter if you are into heavy metal, grunge or glam rock, here are real looks which will make you look noticeable and confident in the streets and various events. We have made these 10 wardrobe combinations, which are our favorites and can easily inspire you. Of course, this style of clothing is all about breaking rules and pushing boundaries, but we think it's better to be done in a more elegant way. Keep it simple and easy-to-wear, these are main rules, but keep the details noticeable.

Men's  Rock ‘n’ Roll Style Clothing (1)

As we have already mentioned, keep it simple and try basic denim trousers, black and white shirt, high top sneakers, studded belt, awesome neck-tie and mannish sunglasses.

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Men’s Hipster Clothing Combination Ideas

Today we are going to speak about hipster clothing for men, that's why we advice you to look carefully at these images, as you are going to see latest trends that are so must have this year. Which clothes are going to rock the show the next season, which styles are the best for men and what you should wear now all that can be found below. It's quite essential for guys appear in vintage dress clothing, that's why true hipsters wear original and individual wear. We love vintage pieces like leather jackets teamed with plaid shirts. This combination makes you really stand out from the crowd. Do not forget to pair your top and outerwear with skinnies or baggy style pants for a perfect look.

Men's Hipster Clothing Combination Ideas (1)

Keep your look elegant and try on a navy blazer, khaki green chinos, brown brogues and statement khaki backpack for all your working accessories.

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Shearling Coats and Sheepskin Jackets‎ For Men

Today we want to share with you men's shearling coats and sheepskin jacket, which are timeless and never go out of style. It's the mid of summer, but we want to draw your attention to men's outerwear essentials for this season wear. If you want to feel cozy and look masculine, then this outerwear design is the one which you need. What we do like about this particular design, then it's the unique style, which gives its wearer and extra luxe and rich look. We have gathered various styles, starting from full-length to short versions, as well as mid lengths. As you can see from the images below, this year many designers and brands advice us to choose a slightly oversize version, which will make you look More spunky and fearless. Anyway, I think it's the right time to take a closer view at the most popular versions of men's outerwear designs:

2014-2015 Shearling Coats and Sheepskin Jackets‎ For Men (1)

That's a statement below-the knee design which will cover your business look.

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Puffer & Down Jackets For Men

Let's take a tour into the men's puffer and down jackets world and see which designs are going to be in trend this season. Each piece looks functional, masculine and modern. As you can see from the images below, every design has that powerful look, which makes it not only practical, but also stylish. Here are shown urban jackets which can be used during mild cold weather. Each piece provides the right amount of insulation. The puffers and down outerwear can be perfect during the spring and fall seasons, adding edgy and sophisticated update. If you thinking about possibility of wearing it at work, then this style is great for various occasions, starting from semi-formal, to semi and casual events. How about wearing a long sleeve sweater, turtleneck and sporty separates under this jacket. There are cool designs which feature detachable fur hoods. Choose the one which comes in button, snap or zip front. Make your fall and winter comfortable.

2014-2015 Puffer & Down Jackets For Men (1)

The dark blue version suits semi-formal attire.

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Fall-Winter Sweatshirts For Men

It's officially, men sweatshirts are back on track this Autumn-Winter season. They have become classic and contemporary at the same time. Starting from October it's time for wearing these cozy tops. This time we bring you a great collection of sweats from various runway shows which were presented during fashion weeks. Here are shown beautiful hoodies, loose-fit designs, hooded sweats, creatively printed ones and sport style inspired. Indeed, we see alternating bright and dark colors, colorful prints, simple silhouettes, as well as baggy and loose-fit shapes. That's a wardrobe basic which will suit your lightweight coats, classic work-wear-inspired garments and weekend attire.

Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Sweatshirts For Men (1)

A straight basic design is teamed with slouchy pleated pants and pointed toe boots.

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