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How To Dress Like Audrey Hepburn – Clothing Combinations

When we imagine Audrey Hepburn, we start to think of grace, elegant style and timeless looks, which are perfect for day and evening wear. If you want to look like her, then you simply have to know what looks good on you and wear it in your daily life. No wonder why Audrey Hepburn was one of the world's most stylish women, as she created many trends, including little black dress. As we have already mentioned, she loved wearing everything comfortable and functional without making things to be complicated, that's why she sticked to neutral colors, like beige, white, black, as well as pink for rare occasions. She tried to wear things which emphasize her long skinny figure. So, keep it minimal and elegant by sticking to simple looks, keep away from loud prints.

Audrey Hepburn Style & Polyvore Clothing Combinations (1)

As we have already mentioned black ensemble, which can be paired with red, double-breasted coat, black heels, floppy hat, evening clutch with shoulder strap and red cat-eye sunglasses.

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How To Dress Like Grace Kelly From “Grace of Monaco” Movie

Many of you have seen Grace of Monaco movie trailer, where Nicole Kidman looks awesome wearing retro inspired outfits. The upcoming American-French biography film about the life of Grace Kelly which directed by Olivier Dahan is going to be terrific. Today we want to share with you Grace Kelly possible clothing combinations which can be worn nowadays. We have taken some shots from the movie trailer to represent you Kelly's amazing looks. Let's have a closer view at these sweet and elegant Grace of Monaco inspired clothing combinations which celebrate timeless style of Hollywood's real-life fairytale princess. Each outfit will for sure make you stand out the crowd.

How To Dress Like Grace Kelly From Grace of Monaco Movie (1)

Here we see chiffon trim panama hat embellished with large violet flower, floral prom dress, pearl necklace and cream peep toe block heels.

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Bald Men Formal And Evening Attire

In today's post we want to show you bald men's basics which are ideal for evening events. You are about to see style tips from Polyvore. Here are showcased perfect ideas for meetings, business events, as well as smart casual looks, dinner professional looks, as well as tuxedo clothing sets. As you can see from the images below, the dressing options are numerous, that's why it's very important to combine traditional and timeless classics with modern fashion, adding sleek and elegant pieces. Here are shown men suits which are ideal for bald guys and businessmen. All black looks are ideal for any formal occasion, while there are semi-formal wardrobe essentials, which will look awesome, masculine and powerful on anyone. We hope these Polyvore combinations will help you to create a polished and strong wardrobe.

Bald Men Formal And Evening Attire (1)

Slim fit three-piece suit, dark navy shirt, dark blue shoes and aviator sunglasses. This style looks best on Jason Statham.

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How to dress like Ryan Gosling – Outfit Ideas & Combinations

Ryan Gosling is a great actor and a real heart breaker. In today's post we would like to bring you the outfit ideas and combinations of possible Ryan Gosling clothing styles. We all have seen movies where Gosling appears in glamor outfits, casual style looks, that's why we want to share with you some of the brightest styles and ideas which feature masculine outfits and laid-back clothing essentials. Let's have a closer view and see a great mix of button ups, chinos, biker jackets, cardigans and evening wear must-haves which are worn by the most stylish man in Hollywood. We love the way he looks holding backpacks in his hand, as well as donning statement accessories, like shades, necklaces and bracelets. Let's get inspired, now:

How to dress like Ryan Gosling - Celebrity Style (2)

A casual weekends look: striped top, biker jacket, moto jeans and black sneakers.

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Gap-Toothed Models & Celebrities

You have the gap in your teeth! Today we want to share with you this great compilation of models and celebrities who have a common thing which sets them apart from the rest, yes, that's a gap in the teeth. The diastema made these people popular and individual. Today, this gap is a real beauty trend which gives kind of creative appearance and timeless look. This signature trait gives a unique update, where imperfection makes you perfect. You are about to see our favorite gap-toothed models who pose in various magazines and red carpet shows. Fashion has no rules at all, that's why the best way to underline your beauty is to be who you are in real life, not making an idol in your mind. Think twice before "fixing" your teeth, will it change you in a better way, or you will loose your originality and charm that was given you from birth.

Gap-Toothed Models & Celebrities (1)

Georgia May Jagger

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Medium Bob Haircuts – Celebrity Style

How about get some inspiration from celebrities hairstyles? Today we want to share with you medium bob hairstyles that are going to be in trend this season. Here are presented adorable medium haircut ideas that will transform your look drastically. How about to follow the latest hair trends and create something unique and individual? Let's have a closer look at the presented medium bob haircuts that will suit almost every face shape, that's why these classic square bob and graded cuts will amaze everyone around you. So, if you want to look awesome and attract men, then we advice you to have a look at the presented hair styles.

Keira Knightley wearing an amazing bob cut.

Medium Bob Haircuts 2014 (1)

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Awesome Wardrobe Staples For Women Over 50

Some say that women over 50 look old and they loose their style, that's not true! We want to share with you these impressive images that overview different celebrities, who still dress and look awesome and stylish. We want to claim, that no matter what is your age you may dress however and whatever you want. We have gathered together these outstanding images, where women appear in their daily outfits that impersonate their cool appearance. Of course, if you are not twenty years old, then it's possible that you will not wear girlish minidresses and school-inspired outfits, but you can still dress modern and eye-catching. Anyway, let's have a review on these pretty styles of clothing sets.

Wardrobe Staples For Women Over 50 (1)

Marcia Cross appears in casual look: a suede long brown jacket worn with gray fitted pants tucked inside pale brown boots. We love her oversize black sunglasses and that lightweight scarf.

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Megan Fox Best Hairstyles

I think most of you my dear readers have seen Megan Fox in different teenage movies and you all know, how beautiful and fascinating this girl looks. I am sure each one of you, admire by her eye-look, smile (sparkling white teeth) and of course by her body. But this time, I want to dedicate this post to her shiny and silky hair. Let's begin from the slightly wavy look, which makes her look casual and simple, giving all attention to her overall beauty (face details and silhouette). What I really like about her is the accessories that she uses on her locks, like floral wreaths, which give her sophisticated face kind of sweet touch. Megan Fox was captured on many special events by wearing high hairdos which gave her opportunity to reveal statement earrings.

Megan Fox Best Hairstyles (1)
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Retro Inspired Winter Coats

It looks like weather is getting colder during these days and it's the right time to get ourselves warm coats. We'd like to speak about this season's retro inspired winter coats that are so in trend this year. Lots of brands and designers offer us really cute retro inspired coats that are vintage and come in so vibrant colors. Here are showcased fabulous designs that will make you look elegantly vintage. If you like Zooey Deschanel inspired coats, then you will definitely like these styles in bright colors, we love those sky blue wool-blend styles with rounded collars and cute buttons. We tell you for sure, if you will appear in these kind of style coats, then you will not only look glamor, but also in-trend and elegant.

Retro Inspired Winter Coats (1)
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Mila Kunis Best Hairstyles

Let's speak about Mila Kunis's hairstyles that were spotted on different events. What we love about her looks is the beautiful locks that make her face fresh and playful. It's very interesting to see the evolution of her hairstyle preferences, as in the past years she preferred her hair long and you can see her wearing chic tresses and voluminous hairstyles. As you can see from the images below, Mila Kunis has tried different kind of hair styles, starting from simple to sophisticated ones. We love her long center part, which has to feature straight hair for this kind of style. Here are shown Kunis wearing long and curled styles which bring volume that goes perfect for various occasions.

Mila Kunis Best Hairstyles 2
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