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The Correct Size Of Pant Suits For Men

Let’s talk about correct size of men’s suits. In general men’s formal look should create a sleek, streamlined silhouette that perfectly fits the figure. So, let’s take a look at the following tips which will help you to find perfect fit. There are known lots of areas that make your look perfect either baggy. First area is shoulders. The shoulders should hug your own and appear neat. After goes chest and suit’s length. Your suit jacket should button easily without forcing your breathe, but do not wear slouchy ones. If you want to know about the perfect length of your suit, then hang your arms straight and cup the jacket hem in your hands, if you can’t reach, it’s too long.

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Celebrity Sunglasses Trends For Women

Sunglasses seasons are all year around as even during winter time we wear sunglasses for sun protection, if it's sunny outside. Even celebrities appear wearing sunglasses, some are hiding their eyes and others love to add some cool accessories in their daily outfit. Today we are going to share with you some really hottest sunglass trends, which are going to be popular for decades. Your mission is to find the right ones for yourself, which will suit you and make you look great. Here below you will see lots of beautiful celebrities wearing chic sunglasses, no matter which kind of shape, design or color, every pair looks unique and rich. Why don't you grab one of your favorite sunglasses trends. Bold red shades are perfect on every skin and it pops up any neutral color outfit. You will find here wayfarers which look great with formal attire. Our favorite trends are multicolored shades and neon shades, these trends are perfect for those who like colors.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Red Frames

Our next topic is Red frames sunglasses. We have already found out that celebrities like to wear eye-catching wardrobe looks, that's why we want to share with you red frames trend which becomes so popular among superstars and actors. Red color frames is the same as red lipstick, as they look eye-catchy and suit everyone. That's why all those celebrities who want to shine and be spotted wear red sunglasses, no matter from which material they are made of: metallic or acetate, they will grab everyone's attention at once. Red framed glasses seem to be a trend for this year, thanks to bright color they will rule the catwalks, street style and even movies.

Red Frames Celebrity Sunglasses
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Celebrity Pentagonal Sunglasses

Celebrities like wearing everything new, that's why we would like to share with you latest sunglasses trend which comes in new frames called pentagonal. It's a new shape in fashion world which are becoming so popular among stars and models. This trend can easily replace cat eye sunglasses, that's why take a closer look at these images and try to think if they will suit you and your style. Pentagonal sunglasses frame design is divided into five edges, so that the look is original and unique. Many Hollywood celebrities were spotted in those styles including Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Dianna Agron and many more.

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Celebrity Keyhole Sunglasses

It's time to observe keyhole sunglasses trend which are so popular among celebrities. As you can see these glasses are so versatile and can be worn by men and women. This style is especially used with round frames, yet sometimes it is used with rectangular or cat eye frames. That keyhole bridge trend looks elegant, edgy, unique and classy. It feels like we see rock and roll vibe which is modernized and ready to be worn. Men celebrities like to team those frames with classic pantsuits or casual everyday basics like rolled up jeans, simple tee and cool sneakers. Women like to wear feminine dresses and leather jackets along with keyhole sunglasses.

Celebrity Keyhole Sunglasses
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Celebrity Sunglasses: Embellished Frames

Our next stop is celebrities sunglasses and this time we are going to speak about embellished frames which are so popular nowadays. It seems like people want to underline their uniqueness in any way, that's why they choose something amazing and never-seen-before like embellished sunglasses which come in different detailings. Some celebrities try on DIY frames which are accessorized with rhinestones, pearls, glitter and studs glued on their favorite frames. The best thing about embellished frames is that they automatically become modern and no matter what is the basic frame which is embellished by yourself.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Mirror Lenses

It's time to speak about mirror lens sunglasses. Many celebrities are spotted in these modern and cool sunglasses, as they appear in various street style blogs. As you can see from the images below, the mirror lenses can be yellow, blue, green, red, pink and other eye-catching colors. We would like to guide you through these ultimate downtown cool mirror lens sunglasses. This eyewear trend is so popular nowadays, as we see lots of celebrities who don these kind of sunnies. This accessory is very versatile, so you can try on many styles which can be casual, formal. Well, of course these on-trend frames give more casual and urban look, but who says we can't mix different styles.

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Celebrity Sunglasses: Clear Frames

Every girl or woman has her favorite singer/actress/celebrity who always inspires her. That's why many brands and designers try they new "innovations" on different celebrities, that's why they are always main trend setters. Every celebrity inspires our fashion choices, that's why when we see our beloved actress in cool sunglasses we already want to buy them. Today we are going to see some really cool images of celebrities wearing clear frames, or so called see-through or transparent frame sunglasses. That's the most popular style of the season, as we see many celebrities wearing that cool and modern style trend. This kind of frame looks great on both sunglasses and glasses, and what is more important is that they are unisex and versatile, so even men can sport clear sunglasses.

 Celebrity Clear Frames Sunglasses
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Celebrity Cat Eye Sunglasses

There are two reasons why celebrities wear sunglasses, the first one is to go incognito and second one is to look sophisticated and edgy. Today we are going go speak about cat eye sunglasses which are so popular among different celebrities nowdays. First of all, it's a retro frame of the 1950's, yet it looks to us, that brands and designers offer us more modern shapes, which mix that vintage touch with nowadays fashion trends and different cool details. Here you will find gorgeous designs of this oh so chic eyeglasses frames including oversize models, irregular shapes and monochrome color designs.

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Coco Rocha’s Edgy Pixie Haircut

Coco Rocha has updated her hairstyle look, as she traded her long red locks for a sharp and edgy short pixie cut. Canadian model made a Tilda Swinton - inspired pixie look. Here below you will see the process of her reincarnation. Coco Rocha has transformed so fast and we love her new makeover. Why did she make such transformation, well as the model says, she decided to go short already six months before, because her hair simply stopped growing. We have chance to see the cutting process and series of photos of the new look. Well, the new look of Rocha is cool and brave as we see her in a different appearance, which really suits her.

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