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Channing Tatum Hairstyles

Hello dear fashion readers, today we will speak about Channing Tatum’s coolest hairstyles. We love his usual classic ‘Ivy League’ cut style. He appears with short hairstyles, which gives that special American boy look. How to opt the same style, well, it’s quite easy as you leave little on the sides of the head and get longer at the crown and front hair. Well, this style is quite short, so it’s up to you if you want to get your haircut so short. Well, if you are a strong boy and have such big muscles as Channing and masculine face shape, then why don’t you try the same? As you can see from the images below, Tatum went even shorter, making fully shaved head.

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Hair Color Shades: Auburn Hair Color

Today we will speak about superb shade of reddish-brown color, which is becoming so popular among lots of celebrities and stars. If you want to have the same cool shade, then you need to go to Professional hairstylist, as the kind of shade is considered to be difficult to maintain artificially. Anyway, we will tell you how to get the right auburn shade. There are known many celebrities like Jessica Chastain, Susan Sarandon, Isla Fisher who were born with beautiful auburn hair, while Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone pull off this color with a dye. The easiest way to get auburn hair is when you already have chestnut or dark blonde hair color,then you have three options: 1) medium auburn hair color, which works best with widest variety of skin shades or 2) light auburn hair color, which is more suitable for naturally pale blondes. 3) Dark auburn color looks best on natural brunettes.

Cheryl Cole Unveils Her New Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London on October 20, 2010
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Women’s Fashion Tips: How to Style Sweatpants

Sometimes it’s kind hard to style sweatpants, as the only look which comes in every’s girl mind is: sweatpants teamed with sweater, windbreaker and cool cap. Well, it’s not a bad style, yet Wardrobe Looks will share with you some other quite interesting and eye-catching styles, which will attract everyone’s attention nearby you.

Before we start our compilation we would like to underline that sweatpants are casual wear pants, so it’s not recommended to wear them at work or evening events. The first look is Jessica Alba wearing baggy sweatpants with loose white vest top, big scarf and sunglasses, quite edgy and urban.


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Long Coats for Women

Today I’d like to share with you some bright styles and designs of women’s long coats. The upcoming season offers us plenty of floor-length trench coats and maxi coats. Yes, lots of women dislike floor length for its impracticality, that’s why many brands offer us ankle length outerwear (kind of compromise). It's no doubt, wearing a long outerwear will make you look original, sophisticated and feminine. We have gathered the most popular looks that are going to be in trend this season, that's why we advice you to look carefully and select the ones that you find amazing. New season comes with black, beige, bright-gray, animal print and mustard colors. Long coat is not only timeless classics but it symbolizes elegance and nobleness.

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