Celebrity Cat Eye Sunglasses

There are two reasons why celebrities wear sunglasses, the first one is to go incognito and second one is to look sophisticated and edgy. Today we are going go speak about cat eye sunglasses which are so popular among different celebrities nowdays. First of all, it's a retro frame of the 1950's, yet it looks to us, that brands and designers offer us more modern shapes, which mix that vintage touch with nowadays fashion trends and different cool details. Here you will find gorgeous designs of this oh so chic eyeglasses frames including oversize models, irregular shapes and monochrome color designs.

Celebrity Cat Eye Sunglasses (1)

As you can see there are some really punchy cat-eye sunglasses which appeal to any look, so you can dress skirtsuit or cocktail dress. These sunglasses come with different accessories like pearls, glitter embellishments or cool prints, like leopard.

Here below you will find some really nice glasses which are worn by different celebrities. It looks like actresses and singers are one of the main inspirations, who don the latest trend pieces, so they can be called the main trendsetters, so let's have some inspiration from the images below.

Celebrity Cat Eye Sunglasses (2)

Celebrity Cat Eye Sunglasses (3)

Celebrity Cat Eye Sunglasses (4)

Celebrity Cat Eye Sunglasses (5)

Celebrity Cat Eye Sunglasses (6)

Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo filming in New York City

Celebrity Cat Eye Sunglasses (8)

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