Celebrity Sunglasses: Embellished Frames

Our next stop is celebrities sunglasses and this time we are going to speak about embellished frames which are so popular nowadays. It seems like people want to underline their uniqueness in any way, that's why they choose something amazing and never-seen-before like embellished sunglasses which come in different detailings. Some celebrities try on DIY frames which are accessorized with rhinestones, pearls, glitter and studs glued on their favorite frames. The best thing about embellished frames is that they automatically become modern and no matter what is the basic frame which is embellished by yourself.

embellished sunglasses (1)

Some brands and designers offer already decorated sunglasses, like Prada, Dolce and Gabbanna. These sunglasses can be worn with solid colors or you can go for a mix and match patterns and prints.

embellished sunglasses (1)

embellished sunglasses (2)

The common frame model which is usually gets embellished is called cat-eye frame. We love that vintage vibe in those rhinestone embellished sunglasses, which look already like couture version.

embellished sunglasses (3)

embellished sunglasses (4)

embellished sunglasses (5)

embellished sunglasses (6)

Embellished sunglasses are in trend this and next year, as many designers already offer cool and chic collections of impressive frames.

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