Chic Style: Pink Skirt Suits

In our previous post we have concluded pink color to be feminine, romantic and gentle. We associate it with loving energy. This time we would like to draw your attention to these marvelous chic and stylish pink skirt suits which are going to be popular all year long. If you are thinking to go all in rose red, then many designers offer us various shades, which give ladies emotional energy, true love and power. Every woman should have at least one pink suit in her closet. If we talk about summer, then choose the one which is light weight and silk. If we speak about working hours, then the skirt should be not too long and not too short (knee length). This year brands offer us jackets which feature mannish shapes (loose-fit, boxy), not too formal, flattering silhouettes and elegant details. Here are presented this season's must-haves.

Pink Skirt Suits 2014 - Chic Style (1)

This one is perfect for cocktail parties and prom nights, while if you want to wear it at the office, then we advice to choose a bit longer skirt and wear a white blouse instead of simple printed tee.

This snakeskin outfit looks quite urban inspired. The top is quite loose-fit (look at the pink high-heel sandals):

Pink Skirt Suits 2014 - Chic Style (2)

Another creative and street style outfit (we love these beautiful black sandals):

Pink Skirt Suits 2014 - Chic Style (3)

Those of you who spend much time at the beach will definitely like this look, which features a maxi skirt:

Pink Skirt Suits 2014 - Chic Style (4)

Plaid skirtsuit will definitely make an impression on everyone. That's a retro inspired outfit, which can be complimented with a bold make-up and modern hairstyle. Look at its belted waist:

Pink Skirt Suits 2014 - Chic Style (5)

Another plaid version, while this time it's more violet hue:

Pink Skirt Suits 2014 - Chic Style (6)

Loose-fit suit, which can be worn with nice white sneakers:

Pink Skirt Suits 2014 - Chic Style (7)

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