Coco Rocha’s Edgy Pixie Haircut

Coco Rocha has updated her hairstyle look, as she traded her long red locks for a sharp and edgy short pixie cut. Canadian model made a Tilda Swinton - inspired pixie look. Here below you will see the process of her reincarnation. Coco Rocha has transformed so fast and we love her new makeover. Why did she make such transformation, well as the model says, she decided to go short already six months before, because her hair simply stopped growing. We have chance to see the cutting process and series of photos of the new look. Well, the new look of Rocha is cool and brave as we see her in a different appearance, which really suits her.

Coco Rocha’s Edgy Pixie Haircut (1)

Coco Rocha’s Edgy Pixie Haircut (2)

Coco Rocha’s Edgy Pixie Haircut (3)

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