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No matter waht, the comfort is winning any trend or fashion, that's why we want to share with you this amazing review of the most stylish shoes that all women love. All the flat sneakers and running shoes are girls best things that keep them look happy and active. We can say without any doubt- all the presented shoes are functional and easy womenswear. Today's brands and many designers offer us amazing wide choice, that includes many interesting designs. In each model, which are offered by many shops nowadays we see something really refreshing, glamorous and nostalgic. It's obvious, these athletic shoes are coming back alive. What we love about these flats is the same dimensions, traditional and classic shapes and proportions.

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We have gathered the most popular designs that will make you look awesome and bright. The first pair what is our favorite is the high-top sneakers that come in various updates, like diagonal zippers, straps, polished gold plaques, bright prints and cool rubber soles.

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They are real street-style hit, which can be either styled with slick black leggings, skinnies or trendy skirts.

Converse Originals. Basketball Shoes

Another style is called old school sneakers shoes that come in comfy shapes. We personally love Converse's cult design 'Chuck Taylor All Star' that were originally basketball shoes, thanks to the durable canvas exterior and chunky rubber sole they become iconic.

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They come in many shades, colors and prints, but the best ones so far is classic blue pair. Wear them at weekends with jeans and sweatshirts.

Running Shoes

The running shoes are meant for running, right? Well, originally yes, but in today's fashion world many business ladies, fashionistas and bloggers tend to wear exactly these shoes as for everyday outfit. They mostly come in breathable materials, which make you feel comfy all day long.

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We personally love the colors which feature all these shoes, including neon-yellow, orange, red, green, etc. As you can see from the images below, you can wear them with cool activewear as well as with formal suits.

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