Fashion Tips For Men: How To Combine The Dapper Style Clothes

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I think you already dig it, that the Dapper look is becoming more fashionable these days. Lots of celebrities and actors wear dapper style looks, that's why I'd like to speak about how to combine different clothing elements together to get the right look, so here are some fashion tips for you my dear readers. To make it clear, dapper means to be gentleman and looking smart and stylish, so if you want to get the same style look, then here are very simple tips you should know about. These tips are not expensive and essential for every dapper looking man. First of all, wear handkerchief folded in a pocket near the chest area, that's a must have of every gentleman, then do not fasten all buttons of your suit (leave one unbonneted at the bottom), pay attention to your ties length, as it should reach the belt; cuffs look best if they lean out of your suit jacket at about 5-6 mm.

Try to wear rough and raw material clothes and choose natural fibers. Waistcoats are your best friends. Pay attention to your trousers length: no too short and too long, the best ones which reach the midpoint of your footwear.

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