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Let's talk about feminine suits. In today's blog post I want to draw your attention to women's skirt suits. This outfit is ideal for ladies who want to underline their professionalism and femininity. It's no secret that skirt is the defining element in women's wardrobe. I am a big fan of simple A-line silhouettes. It's the same as mixing women's fashion with men's style. I am not saying that women's pantsuits should be forgotten, but I do like that special femininity of skirtsuit that looks both modern and easy to wear.

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (1)

Peach-orange set looks relaxed and urban inspired. I am so in love with this double-breasted jacket. Complete this outfit by adding heeled glossy loafers and studded shiny golden clutch.

Today's fashion offers a great variety of skirtsuits in vibrant explosion of colors, prints and cuts. Skirt has finally re-asserted its power as a component of the suit. Anyway, let's have a more detailed look through some of the best skirtsuits you can try on this year.

Another casual urban outfit is shown below. It consists of a cargo jacket and regular fit knee-length skirt in charcoal colors. Complete it with navy-blue leather handbag and glossy black-navy loafers:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (2)

In love with prints? Go wild by wearing this abstract multicolored outfit in slim silhouette. Complete it with glossy heeled loafers and chic shoulder clutch:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (3)

Light pink structured skirt-suit featuring mini skirt and collarless blazer is embellished with black-white abstract print. Complete it with miniature structured clutch and matching color pumps:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (4)

Another way to make a wow effect is to try on this abstract print skirtsuit:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (5)

Relaxed and regular fit blazer ideally suits this flared midi skirt. Everything is colored in black:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (6)

Double-breasted suit jacket with 3/4 ruffled sleeves is teamed with flared skirt worn atop black trousers:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (7)

What can be better than a black suit. It consists of a cropped blazer, ruffled blouse and relaxed fit skirt:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (8)

All in tweed! We see a cute retro inspired blazer paired with A-line short skirt and floral black boots:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (9)

Go classy and timelessly chic by wearing this emerald green skirt-suit. It looks a bit mannish to me, but I love the way it's complimented with blue socks and glossy black flat shoes:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (10)

A kind of black-white marble touch is felt in this suit. It comes with a relaxed fit and simple silhouette:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (11)

Another black-white abstract print outfit is shown below:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (12)

It reminds me of a country-side teacher uniform. All in black and retro silhouette:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (13)

Even army ladies gonna love skirtsuits. Here we see a shortened trench-blazer teamed with cargo mini skirt. All in military green color:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (14)

Keep it real with tweed skirtsuit. It looks retro inspired and functional:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (15)

Navy blue colored set will underline your uniqueness:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (16)

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (17)

How about wearing pastel hues? Here we see a pastel turquoise skirtsuit that consists of a denim silhouette jacket and high-waisted short skirt:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (19)

Light red and fuchsia colors will certainly underline your femininity:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (20)

Here we see pastel colored set in relaxed shape, complimented with white loafers:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (21)

A kind of smart-casual touch is felt in this look. Simple and girlish:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (22)

Say hello to 1970's! A disco glamour vixen is here, wearing black blazer with fur sleeves and flared short skirt:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (23)

Casual outfit with relaxed fit is a great choice for ladies who are looking for comfortable basics:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (24)

Like it or not, but we see a mannish touch in this skirt-suit covered with a matching print coat:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (25)

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (26)

Grey suit in white windowpane print looks creative thanks to shortened blazer, low-rise skirt and white shirt:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (27)

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (28)

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (29)

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (30)

Say hello to school girl uniform! All in black and feels very retro inspired to me:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (31)

Navy-blue leather skirtsuit with a mannish blazer will make you look 1990's inspired:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (32)

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (33)

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (34)

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (35)

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (36)

Another pastel yellow skirtsuit is here:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (37)

This black outfit will make you look damn hot and very special:

Skirt Suits 2015-2016  (38)

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