Fashion Trends: Veiled Beanies

We would like to draw your attention on this glamour and quite famous fashion trend called veiled beanies. This trend appeared in 2012 and now it makes a slight and promising comeback. Well, to be honest, this creation looks mysterious and the time will pass, while it will be popular among lots of fashionistas and bloggers, but those who are self confident and look forward, then we advice to try it, look how amazing this fine sheer black fabric looks on your face. Today many designers and brands offer quite interesting headwear items that feature those pretty and sophisticated veils. This veil is kind of connection between the past and modern life. We love when girls and women wear everything that is practical and what really makes them comfortable, that's why fashion is all about being yourself and experiment with style and different looks.

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No matter what you wear: hat or beanie. Today we see so many mixes and matches, but we have to admit, that veiled ones are the most outstanding and daring ones. If you really want to look modern, cool and urban, then forget about those classic 1940's hats with veils and wear some ultra-chic and cool veiled design. It's fair to share with all of you some veils which were used in the past, as you can see, those times are over and it's time to wear veils differently.

It's no secret, that this headwear looks sporty and comfy, while veils look marriage or funeral inspired, so we think you already dig, that it's a perfect mix which makes you look original and individual. Those cool beanies with veils can be worn with cool sweatpants, sweaters and heels- well, this look is for daring ones, while others can team those headwear accessories with some street-style inspired looks. Some fashionistas wear DIY veiled designs, as it's cool and you feel your Participation in creating such interesting headwear.

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Let us tell you how you can wear veiled hats, so as we already mentioned, you can wear them with sporty outfits teamed with heels or ankle boots, or you can try dramatic touch and wear it with long black skirts and cool moto jacket. We will be honest with you , those veiled ones will look cool absolutely with any look.

Some may ask: black beanie and the same color veil? Well, it's up to you, as you can try veil in white, pink or classic- black.

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