Grunge Inspired Outerwear

We say: go for grunge inspired cover-ups this year and wear amazing shearling coats. There are so many amazing designs nowadays, that you can easily team with your favorite jeans and tops. Anyway, this year is a grunge year, so note please, that looking grunge will make you look statement and very in-trend. Today, I'd like to share with you fuzzy, effortlessly cool coats that will make a bold and luxurious appearance in the streets. You are about to see cool offerings and styles that were taken from the streets, that's why it's a great time to get inspired by the city streets images! Here are shown our three beloved coats that will make everyone go crazy if you clad on these creations.

Grunge Inspired Outerwear for 2014 1

Grunge Inspired Outerwear for 2014 2

This is a masterpiece from Faith Connexion, take a look at this soft black goat hair coat, it's kind of off-duty cool style which will go perfect with skinny pants and ankle boots.

Grunge Inspired Outerwear for 2014 (2)

Grunge Inspired Outerwear for 2014

Take a look at this Cavalli's ruby-red shearling coat embellished with red crystals and metal beads, soft leather lining.

shearling coat  grunge style

shearling coat - grunge style

This is a cool item from Each X Other's gray ombre-dye mid-weight shearling coat. This style is fully lined and comes with a loose fit, so style it with sweaters, skinny jeans, or a velvet minidress and leather boots.

grunge coats for women 1

grunge coats for women 2

grunge coats for women 3

grunge coats for women 4

grunge coats for women 5

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