Half Up / Half Down Hairstyles – Romantic Beauty Looks

If you are still searching for a perfect 'do for your prom, wedding day or other special occasion, then let us share with you these gorgeous hairstyles that will make your overall look impressive and original. The Half-up/half-down 'dos are quite popular this season, that's why we advice you to look at these sweet, perfect and statement updates. This year many hairstylists advice us to go for a bit messy options, which still look polished and amazing. There are numerous romantic beauty styles which feature vintage touches, while each of them has a modern and chic appearance. If you have a formal event, then this look is a great option. You can either make it retro, boho, glamor or elegant, by adding braids, twists and beautiful accessories.

This lush style will look impressive on ladies with heart shaped faces.

You can always add some tiny little braids:

Make it a bit sporty and messy:

A rose braid:

Side braids look fantastic too:

Wavy hair will update any look:

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