How To Accessorize Lace Dress

Let's talk about lace dresses. If you are looking for a way to draw attention and make a wow impression, then a lace dress is what you definitely should give a try. Of course, you should know the way how to make this frock look awesome on you, that's why we are here to talk about what shoes to wear with a lace dress, what jewelry looks great with this frock, what jackets can be layered over it and what bags or clutches you can add to create a perfectly finished outfit. Read on to find out more.

Lace by itself embodies elegance, femininity and a kind of sexy flirtatiousness. Today's fashion offers lots of cool lace colors, including classic black and white, grey, metallic laces in gold and silvery hues, blue, pink, violet, etc. I am a big fan of dresses which are entirely made of lace. Sure, wearing a full lace dress is not an easy task, as there are many intricate designs which require a big courage to wear them, plus it's very important to find the appropriate accessories to make this dress look perfect. I mean, you need a good balance between the dress and accessories, otherwise, you can go really wrong with it. Speaking of footwear, then I do recommend to complete the dress with some eye-catchy high heels, think of suede pumps or peep-toe heels in a solid color and don't have distracting details. You can either match shoe color with your dress hue or go for the shoe color that matches your clutch or a bag. I do like to see women who choose either beige or nude color shoes. Your bag has to match the occasion, if it's a wedding, formal event, then go for an evening clutch, for casual parties I recommend to add a simple neutral color medium size bag. Lace dresses are visually very attractive, that's why you don't need any heavy jewelry. Think of pearl bracelets and necklaces, they do look amazing! Of course, everything depends on the occasion, and lace dress color, but you can experiment with simple pendants, chokers, and beaded necklaces. As I have already mentioned, everything depends on your dress style and the upcoming occasion, but you can add a cool jacket on, it can be either a denim jacket, the one made of leather, either a slim blazer for a semi-formal event.

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