How to buy the right and the best ski jacket

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to find an appropriate ski jacket. Why? It’s very hard to find comfortable, durable and practical outerwear, which will be waterproof. That’s why today we are going to share with you some guidelines which will help you to find the one and only ski-jacket.

Sometimes it’s better to buy shell jacket, as traditional ski jacket is insulated (which is great if it’s cold), yet if you are somewhere where it’s warm, then your time in mountains will be ruined. Shell jackets are breathable and waterproof. If you are buying qualitative shell jacket, then be sure it will protect you from the winds.

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Keep your attention on brands, sometimes buying a good brand ski-jacket is the best thing you can do. Here are four brands that make superb jackets for skiing and snowboarding. Arc’teryx and Norrona make great designs with best materials, which are quite expensive, while Sweet Protection and Helly Hansen are slightly cheaper, yet with the same good quality.

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When you know which brand jacket you are going to buy, then comes the hardest mission- the shape. Two things are important- practicality and style. Thanks God, many brands and designers offer great styles and designs, that’s why it’s up to you which one to buy. It can be longer jacket which will cover your bum. We prefer fitted shell jacket that show off your silhouette, while if you are plus-size woman, then it’s better to wear puffy ones.

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Sometimes it’s quite difficult to understand the characteristics of the jacket, as manufacturers write down confusing letters describing their products, that’s why I’d like to underline your attention on these things, which are very important in any ski or snowboarding jacket (well, you might not tick all the boxes, but having at least few of them is already cool):

  • Waterproof up to 20,000mm (10,000 is also OKay)
  • Breathable up to 20,000gr
  • Vent zips
  • Snow skirt

Choosing the bright color of the ski-jacket is nice thing, as it will set you apart from the rest, yet I advice you not to choose plain colors, but some trendy ones, like burnt orange, emerald, mint.

ski jacket (10)

ski jacket (11)

ski jacket (12)

ski jacket (13)

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Try to buy jacket in late season or in non-season as they will be cheap, the best time is April and May, or summer time, as all the shops will try to get rid of their last season’s garments and accessories.

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