How to look fabulous if you are bald man

If it happened so, that you are going bald, then it might feel like you are heading on something unknown, but in the end, nothing has changed, as you are still the same cool guy, who lives his life and is still happy and full of energy. Well, there might be some questions which might ask balding guy: Do girls find bald guys attractive? Should I totally shave my head or can I leave some hair around? How should I dress to look fabulous? We will briefly answer the first two questions: Most of girls do not think about the hair of the man, but they do think about the guys manners, how he talks, what he says and how fitted is his body. Regarding the shaving your head, well it depends, how much hair have you already lost, as you can make the same styling as Jude Law does, but if see that the back and the front sides are too "shiny", then we recommend you to totally shave your head. So, we have finally approached to our main question: how to look fabulous if you are bald man. Here are the best tips for you:

bald man style (1)

How about wearing smart-casual style clothes, which will underline your uniqueness and individuality. Try on a black blazer, cool jeans, ivory white shirt, creative tie and suede shoes. If you think that your scull structure is not looking great, then we advice you to try wearing black plastic frames, which will make you look more elegant and sophisticated.

bald man style (2)

How about keeping things simple and trying on denim dungarees, simple white shirt, military boots and awesome wayfarers.

bald man style (3)

Another cool way how you can make your days perfect is to try wearing casual separates, like we see in this image, where a man sports simple tee, ripped jeans, casual trainers, and aviator sunglasses.

bald man style (4)

Keep your eyes on suits, which for sure will make you look business-like. Keep it simple and style black suits with light shirts.

bald man style (5)

How about hipster touches in your daily outfit? Try wearing pork pie hat, transparent plastic eyewear, grey chinos, rib knit top and practical shoes.

bald man style (6)

If you love wearing relaxed and stylish clothes, then we recommend you to try the following must-haves: anorak jacket, simple tee, beige chinos, high boots and aviator sunglasses.

bald man style (7)

Another everyday style includes a knitted sweater, washed denim pants, brogue boots and army style watches.

bald man style (8)

Some guys like to look western inspired. We love this look, which includes regular-fit jeans, brown lace-up boots, black waistcoat, checkered button-down, masculine watches and a bow-tie.

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