How To Style: Pink Coats

How about a pink coat for you today? Yes, darlings we are here to speak about pink coats. There is no doubt that pink color is ultra feminine and it gives something girlish to our overall look. This year, pink color isn't something too cute, as you can team it with punk, grunge and rock and roll style clothing. Well, there is something retro inspired in this pink color coat, isn't it? Some girls and women adore neon pink coats and silhouettes of 1950 and 1960's style retro. And there is nothing wrong with that, as pink coats are coming back in the fashion world. Anyway, what can be more cute than a cozy, uber feminine pink coat, right? We say you: "If you like pink coats and you want to wear them in daily life, then do it!"

Pink Coats (1)

In the recent years many celebrities started to wear androgynous silhouette coats, while fitted coats are still in. We love those V-deep plunging necklines, broad shoulders and slightly oversized models. Take a closer look at those boyfriend inspired styles, or those long coats. We love each of these looks.

Pink Coats (2)

Pink Coats (3)

Pink Coats (4)

Pink Coats (5)

Pink Coats (6)

Pink Coats (7)

Pink Coats (8)

If you think about pink colors shades and how bright it can be, then we say: "all depends on your personal taste." We love either neon pink ones either dusted pink tones, but everything depends on your personal choice.

Pink Coats (9)

Pink Coats (10)

Pink Coats (11)

Pink Coats (12)

Pink Coats (13)

Pink Coats (14)

Pink Coats (15)

Pink Coats (16)

If you are thinking of with what to wear them, then take a look at these images and you will find it out. As you already noticed pink coats are extremely versatile and they can go absolutely with anything you want. So, you can team it with cashmere tops, kitten heels, pencil skirts, oversize sunglasses or you may go grunge and pair it with leather and denim.

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