How to Style Scarf As a Shawl

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Hello our Dear fashion readers, we are going to observe the possible ways of scarf styling as a shawl. If you want to use your scarf as a shawl, then you have to know, that it's a larger item (usually rectangular) and it wraps your body around. Usually the shawls are worn by women, but men can also use them, and we saw men wearing shawls, it looks original and impressive, well, when it's winter and men appear on the streets wearing pantsuits, they use shawls to cover themselves from the snow or rain drops to safe their suits. The shawl is an accessory, which finishes the look, it's like a finishing touch which makes your look bold and keeps warmth, but they are usually used as decorative item. Keep in mind, that shawls are made to accent your outfit and to cover bare shoulders, but the shawl is used to make an impressive appearance to the look.

How to Style Scarf As a Shawl 2017
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Here are shown different ways of possible styling, that's why we will explore all these looks together. For some of you this addition is like a twist on a cardigan, well, most of girls and women use this accessory at night pairing it with cool boots, like stiletto ones, classic jeans and simple top.

How to Style Scarf As a Shawl 2017

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