How to Style: Sequined Tops

Let's get inspired by the street style and fashion pictures which feature sequined tops. Today we are going to speak about the styling tips of embellished tops, how to wear and how to style this party and eye-catching piece. Keep things simple and make your gray days bright and beautiful thanks to this shining wardrobe apparel. So, if you want to make your working days a bit fresher, then the best way is to wear this top during the day to keep you in the right mood. Here are showcased different kind of shiny tops, starting from classic style shirts embellished with bright, silver sequins to cropped tops with rainbow sequins. Everything depends on how you want to look: semi-formal or casually, party-inspired. We have gathered together many samples that will for sure inspire you and will be great example for those who want a perfect relaxed look for summertime.

Sequined Tops (1)

Shiny tops can be teamed absolutely with any bottom, starting from skinnies to high waisted maxi skirts. The same thing concerns the footwear, as you can wear any kind of shoes, starting from classic heeled sandals to strappy sandals or wedge sandals. Here are presented the most essential looks that are so must have for summertime wearing.

Sequined Tops (2)

Sequined Tops (3)

Sequined Tops (4)

Sequined Tops (5)

Sequined Tops (6)

Sequined Tops (7)

Sequined Tops (8)

Sequined Tops (9)

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