How To Style Skirt With Jacket This Spring

We'd like to draw your attention to the next spring season, as it's time to show you various options how you can style skirt with jacket. As you know, fashion never stops and moves forward offering us new trends, while stylists observe each collection and mark everything what is wearable and can be worn in daily life. You are going to see maxis, minis, midis, asymmetric, pleated, regular fit, wrap, A-line and airy skirts which are teamed with sporty, modern, elegant, cropped, short, belted, regular, casual and formal outerwear. Actually, this kind of combination is very feminine and it's perfect for those women, who are confident and love wearing ladylike separates. So, we think it's the right time to get started observing next year's easy-to-wear looks:

2015 Skirts with Jackets (1)

Here we see incredibly practical and comfortable high-waisted style in polka dots paired with a short down jacket.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (2)

Many women love wearing practical garments and here we see model wearing jaqcuard pale pink sport-style coat with pleated short bottom.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (3)

This look is perfect for almost any occasion. We love this Chanel inspired blazer which is paired with black shirt and high-waisted skirt. Take a closer look at the shoes, it's sneakers (for active girls who are always on time).

2015 Skirts with Jackets (4)

For day-to-day wearing it's okay to pair black with white garments.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (5)

2015 Skirts with Jackets (6)

2015 Skirts with Jackets (7)

These pieces look, feminine, stylish and practical.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (8)

2015 Skirts with Jackets (9)

2015 Skirts with Jackets (10)

Maxis can be embellished with statement buttons, as we see on this one which is pared with Houndstooth varsity outerwear.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (11)

Maxis are super chic and flattering, that's why it will look perfect styled with formal wear essentials.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (12)

Minimal glamor is always in fashion.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (13)

Keep it mannish and try some basic outerwear designs which will look amazing styled with pale pink and blue colors.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (14)

For night outfit we advice to try on more sophisticated and vibrant, like we see colorful, cropped bomber paired with monochrome black and white sun lowers.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (15)

How about mixing elegance with urban essentials, we like this printed bomber.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (16)

If you are willing something casual and relaxed, then we advice you to go for a light trench and elongated bottom.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (17)

Here we see biker's chic girl who wears a pinstripe varsity bomber and mini embellished with studs, zips.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (18)

It looks like next season is all about mixing prints, as we see model wearing zebra prints, pretty florals.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (19)

How about combining pale yellow top and outer garment with vibrant printed mini.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (20)

You can always go grunge and punk. Try on washed biker inspired shortened outerwear with A-line flared bottom. The gladiators are the best.

2015 Skirts with Jackets (21)

How about modern flair which is seen in this look. We love that tailored lightweight leather jacket with zips styled with perforated bottom in macro polka dots.

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