How to Style Striped Clothing for Fall-Winter Season

Today's topic is about women's clothing which comes in bold stripes. So, if you are looking for a beautiful striped piece, then you definitely have to check out this amazing compilation of women's ready to wear garments, that come in trendy stripes. Every garment looks sporty and classy, that's why you shouldn't be afraid of trying it on yourself. Of course there will be those girls who might be skeptical about the stripes, but listen, who gives a word, if it really suits you, right? That's why let's take a closer look at these contrasting pattern pieces and choose one for ourselves. I'd like to start from amazing skirts, that can be styled in so many different ways. The striped skirts can be either long or short, everything depends on your mood and the possible variations which you might try on yourself. We personally like A-line skirts that are striped in mid lines; all these designs can be styled with various clothing pieces, starting from blouses, form-fitting tops to chic sweaters that are good enough for cold winter days.

Striped Skirts (1)

Striped Skirts (2)

Striped Skirts (3)

A-line striped skirts

short striped blazers (1)

short striped blazers (2)

short striped blazers (3)

Look at the possible ways how you can style it with your other garments, as you already noticed, there are plenty of stripe colors, but we advice you to start with classic black and white, to be sure, that other clothes might suit you.

Striped Tops For Women (12)

Now, if you thinking of striped top, then why don't you try on something like a cool short striped blazer, which will look cool teamed with wide leg trousers or casual skinny jeans. We love menswear inspired blazers that are perfect for winter wear. If you are willing to wear striped blazer for work, then you can always balance your formal and informal look teamed with nice skinnies or a skirt. If you are not willing to wear striped blazer, then try on a striped top. The striped tops can be either fitted or a bit loose-fitted, everything depends on what will layer it up, if it's a loose fit parka, or a coat, then try fitted top, while if you are willing to try on a fitted blazer, then we advice you to try a relaxed striped top worn with sleek and skinny patent leather belt. We hope these images will help you make a nice fall-winter look, which will amaze not only you, but people around you.

Striped Tops For Women (1)

Striped Tops For Women (2)

Striped Tops For Women (3)

Striped Tops For Women (5)

Striped Tops For Women (6)

Striped Tops For Women (7)

Striped Tops For Women (8)

Striped Tops For Women (9)

Striped Tops For Women (10)

Striped Tops For Women (11)

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