How to Wear Black Skirt

The black color looks perfect when it is worn tightly, rather than loose, that's why many designers and brands offer us fitted pieces that underline our silhouettes. The other thing is that thanks to dark color we can underline bijou or jewelry that is worn on us. So, today's topic is the possible ways of wearing black skirts and how to style it with different clothes. Of course, there are different types of styles: flared, pencil, straight, full, bell-shaped, A-line, pleated, circle, minis, etc. But we are going to show you the basic rules. First of all, go simple and minimal, by trying wearing it with beige, black and gray outfits, so if you want to harmonize your look, then the best solution is to combine black with gray or beige colors. We love those beautiful tops worn with gray skirts and beige coats.

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Go elegant and try black with green colors or shades of green. We love teaming it with emerald green clothes. Why don't you try black with Earth and Nature, as you can combine this color with abstract and floral motives, where black is put as a background. The black lace one is a versatile option, which makes us look more romantic and feminine, so make it as the basis for a variety of eye-catching ensembles. You can team your bottom with light shades of white, ivory, cream and beige, baby pink and lilac. We love how women team flared one with ivory tie-front silk blouses and wear them underneath tan cashmere sweater for dressy occasions.

If we speak about work ensembles, then you can make it look professionally, by wearing dark and bold monochromatic and neutral looks, like navy blue blouse and sophisticated black blazer. You can always style black pencil with gray blazer and embellish your outfit with silver or gold jewelry and add black pumps or metallic heels for a day to night appearance. Some girls and women like cardigans, so try to wear an oversize one in florals and long necklace along with muscle tee or baggy shirt so that you can tuck it inside the skirt.

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