How To Wear Shirts With Skirts This Spring

In today's compilation we are going to show you the best ways to wear shirts with skirts this spring season. As you already know, the presented images were taken from various resort lookbooks, that's why we know for sure, that many stylists will advice you to have the same styles in your wardrobe next year. It appears like spring season will be focused on these kind of separates, that's why we advice you to explore every look by detail. Almost every outfit is worth wearing during daytime and evening. As you have already noticed, everything depends on your personal choice and tastes, as you can try glamorous full design, or go minimal and stick to clean and sleek lines, or try something bright and printed. Whatever your choice is, we suggest you to pay attention to the overall look and its cut, as it will emphasize your silhouette and waistline.


Keep your overall look professional and try on pencil style, which is really versatile piece, as it can be both adapted for business work and cocktail parties. Try it belted and paired with a mannish shirt. As you can see it can be easily transformed from a preppy librarian look into chic and modern outfit.


What we really love about this type of bottom wear, then it's the flexibility, which allows you to wear different type of tops and shoes. Yet you can always go for matching separates, like we see in the picture above, looks quite conservative office appropriate.


If we speak about minis, then they can also look fabulous, showing off you legs and shoes, but please keep in mind, that the length of this piece should not be shorter than your middle finger, while standing straight with your arms to your sides. We love this special fur design.


If you are one of those modern ladies who loves everything modern and tries to experiment with her look, then this outfit is meant for you: it includes modern style shirt tucked in high-waisted belted knee-length zebra print skirt.


Keep it real and wear relaxed pieces for additional comfort. As you can see model appears in a button-down which is worn atop midi sporty skirt and paired with socks tucked in slip ons.


That's what we call modern office style outfit.



Full midi length is a massive trend, which has that special vintage touch. You can try it on with various vibrantly printed shirts, as we see in these images:

Women’s Shirts With Skirts This Spring 2015

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