How To Wear Thigh High Boots

When we speak about thigh high boots we think it's a) a must have attribute of winter season; b) find it too risky and sultry to wear. We think that thigh high boots are practical, but it's important to know how to style this special and fashionable item. So, we think it's time for us to let you know all possible variations of how to wear and how to style thigh high boots this autumn-winter season. The high boots get everyone's attention, it's true and don't even try to argue with us, as it's true and you all know it. No matter what kind of style the boots are: cut-out boots, kitten heels, motorcycle type, wedges, printed ones or ankle boots, they all are eye-catching and glamor. If we speak about this year's thigh high boots trends, then keep in mind two things: versatility and edginess, these two things will help you to discover the ones and only true thigh high boots.

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These boots come in different styles: colored, slouchy, fitted, flat, knee high, chunky high, average heeled or classic stiletto heel style. I think you already understood, that you can choose whatever style you want, just be patient and try to think of your wardrobe, if these boots will suit most of your clothing. If you already chose the right ones, then it's time to speak about its practicality.

So, how and with what to wear thigh high boots?

There is one unique rule and it's called mix and balance, indeed, you can try those heels with skirts, dresses, shorts, with tights or without them, knee socks for a realy voguish look or cool one color pants which will look as enless leather trousers along with yout thigh high boots. All depends on your imagination. Lots of girls and women love girly looks, as they try to wear thigh high boots with cutoffs, flirty dresses, sweatdresses or leather shorts and then to pull on an oversized coat for a sophisticated touch.

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If you want to wear thigh high boots with trousers, then everything depends on you, as most of women and girls choose skinnies and oversized or loose fit sweaters- the best option so far. One advise: go fun with cool jumpers and accessories.

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If you still don't know which garments will suit you, then know for sure: all black style works perfectly: black dress + black tights + thigh high boots= WOW, or black skirt + black sweat + thigh-high boots= Super or thigh high boots + black chiffon shirt or black sweater + cool black jacket or blazer or coat= amazing.

Our personal favorite is stiletto shoes, they are so fashionable, never go out of style and look so sophisticated. If you want a rocking look then pair stilettos with oversized parka and oersized sweatdress.

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