How To Wear Women’s Shirts This Spring

It's only the mid of summer now, but we want to draw your attention to the next spring season and show you beautiful women's shirts and its combinations to look fabulous and stylish. We are going to share with you plenty of choices, which feature colorful, printed, colorblocking, simple, casual, elegant, short and elongated designs. As you can see there are numerous styles how you can wear button-downs this year: you can either go simple and wear it tucked in or untucked, you can wear it under pullover, tee, or simply under the dress. For a casual touch, there is a chance to leave the top few buttons undone. It's so simple and genius. Anyway, we'd like to bring you all the latest trends before everyone else does, that's why see everything by yourself.

2015 Women's Shirts (1)

You can choose light blue shirt which has an exaggerated fit tucked in a mini skirt.

For a breezy and summery vibe, we advice you to try a colorful, lightweight style untucked with shorts:

2015 Women's Shirts (2)

There is a chance to try on a cowboy style button up embellished with studs tucked in pinstripe skinnies:

2015 Women's Shirts (3)

Another cowboy update, which features a vibrant printed button up tucked in pinstripe legging pants embellished with zips:

2015 Women's Shirts (4)

Floral top can be styled with statement, wide-leg trousers:

2015 Women's Shirts (5)

Choose a chambray loose-fit mannish chambray top with short sleeves tucked in high-waisted burgundy trousers:

2015 Women's Shirts (6)

The relaxed touch will make your moves comfortable:

2015 Women's Shirts (7)

The elongated style makes you look casual:

2015 Women's Shirts (8)

There is always a chance to keep it summery with a pretty dress:

2015 Women's Shirts (9)

2015 Women's Shirts (10)

2015 Women's Shirts (11)

2015 Women's Shirts (12)

How about preppy, classic touch, which features awesome prints.

2015 Women's Shirts (13)

Pair it with your beloved shorts.

2015 Women's Shirts (14)

If it's chilly outside, then we advice you to try on a cozy sweater.

2015 Women's Shirts (15)

2015 Women's Shirts (16)

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