Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles

Today we are about to share with you these gorgeous, fun and cool hairstyles from Jennifer Lawrence. You are about to see her amazing and best styles that are not only eye-catching and trendy, but also stylish, simple and very practical. We really do love her looks, that feature fresh and unique styles that are accompanied with amazing make-up and clothing sets. What we like about this American actress, then it's her ability to look sophisticated, youthful and modern. She is a real blonde girl, who loves that special light carelessness and fashionable looks. Anyway, let's have a closer look at the different haircut and styles versions.

That's a messy evening look.

Evening Updo from American Hustle

Evening updo with a curly strand

braid over head

low bun

Another low bun embellished with gold and shimmering details.

another cute braid over head

How about messy medium look?

Here we see her wearing pixie

Long locks look awesome

Quite messy low bun

Top knot

That's a marvelous medium haircut.

A messy pixie cut.

low bun featuring side part

Thin French braids

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