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Thanks to resort collections we have chance to see what leather skirts are going to be in style next year. It looks like next season skirt is going to be popular wardrobe staple. We see easy to wear designs in bright and darken colors, as well as in awesome prints. It seems like designers and fashion brands decided to offer women easy to wear styles in classic silhouettes and playful details. You can team them with cozy knits, statement outerwear and elegant tops to keep your self ladylike and stylish at the same time. The spring is the best season when you can wear leather skirt, as it's still a bit freezy, while you can little by little start to show off your legs. One thing is important- you have to think over the combination to wear it correctly. There is no doubt that this must-have piece will get you noticed in the streets or at work. We have picked up nine pieces which fit all body shapes for your inspiration.

Leather Skirts In Style For 2015 (1)

Those of you who love original looks will definitely like this outfit, which features A-line cropped safari style shirt paired with high-waisted pencil style in light brown embellished with metallic insets. Update your style with a chic bag and heeled sandals.

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If you are an office worker, then we advice you to go for a sleeveless sweater, like the one you see above, which can be teamed with a statement pencil style with side pockets and embellished with a belt. The footwear can be either pumps or mannish flats.

Leather Skirts In Style For 2015 (3)

If you want something more casual, then try on statement knits and bottom with patch effect.

Leather Skirts In Style For 2015 (4)

Animal print plays a major role, as it can appear on the skirt, as well as on accessories.

Leather Skirts In Style For 2015 (5)

Or you can always choose the animal print to cover the whole suit.

Leather Skirts In Style For 2015 (6)

When we think of leather, then the first thing which comes in our minds it's rock, punk and edgy looks, that's why we advice to go for a design which is embellished with studs, chains, etc.

Leather Skirts In Style For 2015 (7)

Another statement update which can be opted by is to choose an elongated A-line design with a high-waist. Looks elegant and eye-catching. As you can see, it's paired with suede long boots.

Leather Skirts In Style For 2015 (8)

How about a downtown urban flair which features leather top (varsity jacket) and bottom in black and pale blue colors.

Leather Skirts In Style For 2015 (9)

Here we see kind of relaxed sporty vibe, which includes dark blue sweater and relaxed bottom with a pullover tied around the waist. We love these golden hued slip ons.

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